Get Yo Paczki

This morning while sipping my coffee I realized it was Fat Tuesday aka Paczki Day and I was without a paczki. While in some parts of the world revelers are dancing in the streets for carnival, today is the day I always indulge in one (or a few) of Poland’s most calorie-laden pastries, the paczki. Keep Reading!


Okra Gumbo

Today is Mardi Gras and there really is no better way to celebrate than with food. Without a trip to the grocery store I was able to pull together a Creole-Southern classic: Okra Gumbo. Keep Reading!

Fresh From The Oven to Your Door: 15 Amazing Online Pie Companies

This might just be the greatest invention since sliced bread. No running to the store for butter, no cursing when you burn your hand on the oven and no crying when your laborious pie crust is burnt to a crisp. We’ve found your saving grace — pie bakers who deliver the goods to your door with a click of the mouse. Keep Reading!

No Time to Cook? 12 Places That Will Deliver Your Holiday Meal

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18 Holiday Kitchen Hacks to Get Dinner on the Table Fast

The holidays are all about spending time with the ones you love, and if you take our advice, you’ll be loving us, too. This holiday season, give thanks and raise a toast to these 18 mighty helpful entertaining tips we’re dishing out. Keep Reading!

24 Sizzling Gifts for the Meat Lover on Your List

Looking to satisfy the carnivore on your nice list? We’ve got some sizzling gift ideas that will get anyone who drools over crispy bacon, melt-in-your-mouth steaks or smokey barbecue weak in the knees. Keep Reading!

The Quirkiest Monthly Subscriptions to Gift This Holiday

Now that you’re making some serious progress with your gift list, all that’s left to tackle are presents for those people who seem to have it all. Skip the boring gift cards this year and go for the best kind of gift: the kind that keeps on giving. Keep Reading!

Braids to Beards: 25 Last-Minute Gifts for Hair Lovers

If you’ve got a product junkie, diva teen or hair-obsessed guy or gal in your life, then you know how much they appreciate a good hairstyle. For all those last-minute shoppers out there (guilty!), we’ve combed through the top hair accessories, products and tools to give you the ultimate shopping list for hair lovers. Keep Reading!

Happy Diwali: 36 Recipes To Celebrate The Festival of Lights

Today marks the Festival of Light, one of Hindu’s biggest and brightest celebrations. This ancient festival celebrates the triumph of light over dark and good over evil. Keep Reading!

16 Valentine’s Day Nail Art Designs You’ll Heart

Let your nails do the talking this Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re happy-go-lucky in love, looking for Cupid’s arrow or feeling single and sassy about a holiday filled with X’s and O’s, we’ve got 16 nail art designs for you to love.<!–more Keep Reading!–> C’mon, venture out from a classic red nail and show your true colors this Valentine’s Day.


1. See You Later Nails: Let your nails do the talking for you with these feisty and extra-festive nails. (via Brit + Co)

Metallic Ombre

2. Metallic Ombre: Feeling sweet, but want a little WOW factor? Pastel ombre in metallics is where you’ll find your sweet spot. (via Pshiiit)


3. Marsala Me Crazy: If you’re crazy in love with Pantone’s deep, dark and luscious Marsala, rock it on your nails for V-Day. (via Jamberry Nails)


4. Geometric Hearts: We are feeling blue in a good way this V-Day. If you are too, modernize the classic heart with this cobalt geometric pattern. (via Fashion Squad)


5. Black on Black: The day reserved for love doesn’t have to be all pink, red and white. Class things up for a night on the town with matte black nails and glossy black hearts. (via Alyce Paris)


6. Show Me the Love: Swipe a coat of light pink blush on your nails and mark ‘em with a little red heart for a minimalist approach to nail art. (viaLauren Conrad)


7. Walk on the Wild Side: Dazzle your digits in pink and black with gold studs and a hint of tribal attitude for a walk on the wild side. (via The Nailphile)


8. Feel My Heart Beat: For reals, are these not the sweetest Valentine’s Day nails ever? Short answer: yes. (via Popsugar)


9. Love Struck: These nails say it all and are sealed with a clever kiss. (viaZen Magazine)


10. Scrabble Love: You can’t place a score on love, but these Scrabble-inspired nails are a perfect 10 in our book. (via One Nail to Rule Them All)


11. Roses Are… Pastel: Sure, roses can be red, but we love ‘em in pastel. Grab your fave pastel polish and a toothpick, and your nails will be coming up roses. (via A Little Blog by Ayaka)


12. All Eyes on You: Fun and sure to grab attention, these googly-eyedhearts are truly eye catching. (via Move Slightly)


13. Foxy Lady: If you’re feeling as fun and frolicky as a fox this Valentine’s Day, show how sly you are with a nail brush. (via Liquid Jelly)


14. He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not: Pay homage to the playful childhood game of chance and show off your nail art skills this V-Day. (viaNailstorming)


15. Conversation Heart: These are a funny spin on the conversation heart, only these nails don’t want to be a part of any matchmaking convo. (via Petite Marine)


16. Heartbeat: If you work in the medical field, painting the rhythmic beat of your heart on your nails is the perfect V-day look. (via Makeup)

Getting a mani for V-Day? Share a pic of your Valentine’s Day-inspired nails in the comments below!

From Traditional Classics to Modern Trends: A Thanksgiving Menu For All

Thanksgiving is the ALL American holiday, it’s a day where the dining table is set and families gather to enjoy a true feast. For some it’s a traditional family-style meal with classics like, a dressed turkey with gravy, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and homemade pumpkin pie – tried-and-true family recipes that are counted upon year after year. Keep Reading!

From Glühwein to Weiner Schnitzel: 18 of the World’s Best Christmas Markets

A Christmas market is the place to revel in the festivities of the holiday season. Whether you’re looking for a romantic date on the town or just want to chow down with friends, the colorful, open-air market stalls offer singing, dancing and twinkling lights, plus an over-abundance of roasted chestnuts, glühwein, schnitzel, crepes and more. Need to cross some presents off your gift list? Go shopping and surprise your friends and family with unique gifts like authentic wood carvings, toys, knitted goods, nutcrackers, pottery or local crafts. No matter where you are in the world, we’ve found a Christmas market for you. Keep Reading!

11 Apps + Websites That Will Save Your Valentine’s Day

So you totally forgot that it’s Valentine’s Day weekend, or maybe work has been too crazed to plan anything — we’ve been there. If you’re the last-minute type, we’ve got some love-ly ideas that show you put some thought and effort into saying “I love you.” The best part? You can do it all from your phone. We’re not talking wilted bouquets or dusty chocolate boxes here. Check out our fave services that get fresh flowers and unique gifts to the door without the mass chaos that may ensue in the chocolate aisle.


1. 3D Printed Roses ($15): Make your tech love’s heart flutter with surprise at receiving a not-so-average bloom. You can order them a single rose or a whole bouquet of 3D printed roses.


2. BloomNation: Because the person who makes you crazy in a good way deserves much more than a generic floral arrangement. Keep it local, and send a hand-crafted floral arrangement designed by a local floral artisan.


3. Postmates: Calling all procrastinators: Meet your Valentine’s Day lifesaver, Postmates. Dubbed the “Uber of packages,” you name it, and it’s delivered in under an hour. Whether it’s flowers for your sweetie, a latte to brighten their day or dinner for two from your fave restaurant, you can take your pick from any restaurant or store in your city, whether they offer delivery or not. (photo via @postmates)


4. Minibar: What’s a celebration without a little bubbly? Minibar is here to lift your spirits by delivering the goods: wine, liquor, beer, mixers and more. With a few taps on your phone and a brief 30-60 minute wait, Minibar will be at your door. It’s available in major cities across the U.S. and delivery is free. (Free on iOS and Android)


5. All You Need Is Love GLITTER Gift Box ($129): It’s true, all you really need is love… but some wine would be nice too, and perhaps some dark chocolate and maybe a bubble bath with a flickering candle, amiright? This glittering gift box is filled with everything but the bathtub.


6. MeUndies ($16+): Step up your his-and-her underwear game this V-Day with a brand-new pair of undies delivered right to your door.


7. Mouth: Valentine’s Day Tasty Treats: Why make your lovebird’s heart flutter when you can make their mouth water with indie food and booze from Mouth? Get small-batch food and drinks, made by real people, delivered right to your door. With so many tasty gifts to choose from, we suggest you start with the Valentine’s Day XO Tasters and Love Potion #9.


8. Goldbely: You won’t have to spend endless hours searching for the most deliciously unique gourmet eats for your foodie-obsessed love. Goldbely’s team of food explorers has done the work for you. If you want to impress your main squeeze with a lobster dinner, Goldbely will deliver it fresh. Homemade chocolate truffles to melt your lover’s heart? No problem.


9. Farm to People: Edible gifts truly are the way to a loved one’s heart, so this Valentine’s Day, speak the language of love through small-batch artisanal goods like Sea Salt Truffles, Chocolate-Dipped Almond Coconut Macarons or our fave, Chocolate-Vanilla Bean Cream Sandwiches.


10. Reserve: Things are about to get personal when it comes to dining out. Thanks to Reserve, you can reserve your table and pay your bill (tip included!) without ever pulling out your wallet. Why not reserve time with your main squeeze and not worry about the little things? (Free on iOS)

11. EatStreet: Remembering the mass chaos of last year’s Valentine’s Day dinner reservation? Opt for a romantic night in and get your dinner delivered right to your candlelit dining table. Choose any of your local flavors, and EatStreet has you and your dinner date covered with the tap of a button. (Free on iOS and Android)

What delivery services make your heart skip a beat? Talk to us in the comments below.

Booze Cruise: Progressive Style

It’s that time of year, the hustle and bustle of holidays has fizzled away and winter has rooted itself, initiating a craving for warmth and revelry.

This year, instead of moping around the house in your Snuggie awaiting spring, pass the time with food, friends, and booze.

Get your neighbor’s onboard and reinvent the throwback booze cruise into a progressive stroll of cruising the neighborhood on foot.  Gallivant from house to house sampling delicacies and drinks at each stop.

Made-Men-Cocktail-Party-smallGive your booze cruise a theme.  Anything from a Mad Men style affair complete with classic cocktails and toothpick-skewered foods to a cultural soirée of global delights, think Brazilian caipirinhas and feijoada at one stop, moving onward to Italian Limoncello and gnocchi at another.  Satisfying the sweet tooth, a progressive chocolate hop would hit the spot.  Ignite the chill of winter with hot toddy’s and alcohol-infused cocoas while savoring decadent desserts at each house.

Those who have an affinity for cocktail shakers and martini glasses as opposed to ovens and mixers, simplify your progressive cruise to just booze, yet it’s advised for hosts to pair some sustenance to soak up that alcohol.

For vinophiles make each stop centered on a bottle of wine paired with cheese and crackers.  Take guests on a boozy jaunt down the bourbon trail having a snifterful at each stop, pairing caramel rich bourbon with chocolate and fruitier renditions with salty snacks.  Head south of the equator and channel palm trees and beaches with a tropical cocktail explosion, complete with fresh fruits and miniature cocktail umbrellas.

The possibilities are endless and the progressive booze cruise is a sure way to chase the winter blahs away.

A Perfect Day For PINK!

In celebration of a day devoted to love—I’m sharing my love of PINK!
Happy Valentine’s Day

A Perfect Day For PINK!

Roses are red…

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
DIY gifts
show how much I LOVE YOU!

Valentine’s Day isn’t for everyone but who can resist the PINK and RED decor, the witty cards, creative packaging and sweet treats!
The thought of a homemade trinket or sentiment is a sure-fire way to express your love. So channel your inner cupid, get out your glitter, glue, craft scissors, recipes and heartfelt notes to say, I love you to family, friends and lovers with a DIY inspired Valentine.  Check out these inspirational faves:

First Row
1. Geometric Pink and Gold Heart from Oleander and Palm
2. Add a warming love note to a cup of tea from Martha Stewart
3. DIY Favor bag filled with homemade granola via Camille Styles

Second Row
1. Festive Tassel Garland sure to brighten up Valentine’s Day with pink and sparkle. Find it on Etsy from GlamFeteByBri
2. Pink Milk. Who didn’t love this as a kid? Adults and kids alike will find joy in sipping this all natural pink milk on V-Day from momtastic
3. How sweet are this DIY dip-dyed ombre mittens? Made from an old sweater and crafted from the heart.  Check out the how-to at ModCloth

Third Row
1. Season someone’s Valentine’s Day with a hug!  These hug salt and pepper shakers can be found at the Moma shop-not DIY but a cute gift
2. Make your baked goods extra heartfelt with this DIY Heart-Shaped Paper from Martha Stewart
3. Love these popsicle stick geometric hearts painted in gold and white from Oleander and Palm