Booze Cruise: Progressive Style

It’s that time of year, the hustle and bustle of holidays has fizzled away and winter has rooted itself, initiating a craving for warmth and revelry. This year, instead of moping around the house in your Snuggie awaiting spring, pass the time with food, friends, and booze.


Get your neighbor’s onboard and reinvent the throwback booze cruise into a progressive stroll of cruising the neighborhood on foot.  Gallivant from house to house sampling delicacies and drinks at each stop.

Give your booze cruise a theme.  Anything from a Mad Men style affair complete with classic cocktails and toothpick-skewered foods to a cultural soirée of global delights, think Brazilian caipirinhas and feijoada at one stop, moving onward to Italian Limoncello and gnocchi at another.  Satisfying the sweet tooth, a progressive chocolate hop would hit the spot.  Ignite the chill of winter with hot toddy’s and alcohol-infused cocoas while savoring decadent desserts at each house.

Those who have an affinity for cocktail shakers and martini glasses as opposed to ovens and mixers, simplify your progressive cruise to just booze, yet it’s advised for hosts to pair some sustenance to soak up that alcohol.

For vinophiles make each stop centered on a bottle of wine paired with cheese and crackers.  Take guests on a boozy jaunt down the bourbon trail having a snifterful at each stop, pairing caramel rich bourbon with chocolate and fruitier renditions with salty snacks.  Head south of the equator and channel palm trees and beaches with a tropical cocktail explosion, complete with fresh fruits and miniature cocktail umbrellas.

The possibilities are endless and the progressive booze cruise is a sure way to chase the winter blahs away.

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