Alexis Monson
Founder of Punkpost

“Michelle is a writer who does her research. Any article or post that she writes for a site is heavily researched, fact checked and cited. She is reliable and makes deadlines with ease. In the rare instance when she isn’t able to make a deadline, she follows up. This is huge when you’re working with a large number of contributors. As a writer, she is reliable, consistent and well read. Thumbs up.”

Gregg Palazzolo
Owner, Palazzolo™Design

“As the owner and designer of Roadbelly Magazine, I managed a staff of over 20 writers. Michelle was among them and stood out for a number of highly positive reasons, which include her ability to adjust delivery of material depending on the audience, eagerness to learn as much as she can about the subject she is writing about, and her commitment to excellence is without par.
I believe Michelle would quickly prove her value to almost any employer, regardless of the industry-type. We valued her as an individual and as a top contributing writer here at Roadbelly. I wish her well in her endeavors and believe Michelle would be an asset to any organization.”