Feast Your Eyes

(For Playful Lovers)

As with physical attraction, the food experience begins with the eyes. This Valentine’s Day, dish out the love with the aphrodisiac vigor of food and drink. Whether you’re hitched or single, incorporate any of the following into your V-Day meal for tantalizing effects.


The Aztecs called this fruit, ahuacatl, which translates to “testicle.” Spanish conquistadors introduced the avocado as a stimulant, and the avocado’s fame spread so voraciously that Catholics were forbidden to eat it.

Get figgy with a fruit that represents fertility, is pleasing to the eye, and supple to the touch. The fig is representative of a woman’s unmentionables and is bestowed as a token of love in Italy.

Stripped leaf by leaf, the artichoke is a sensual vegetable to eat. Like undressing a lover and nibbling their neck until you reach—bliss.

Use fresh basil to pump up your passion—the leaves contain numerous libido-lifting nutrients. If a Roman man accepts a sprig of basil from a woman, he is as good as engaged. Take that, Romeo.

The queen of passion-inducing foods, the plump and creamy, flesh-colored oyster is high in zinc, which helps increase the sex drive.  Suggestive shape aside, the oyster should be sucked from the shell raw after tarting it up with lemon juice.

This phallic symbol offers a sweet way to end a meal. In Indian traditions, the banana was offered as a gift to the fertility gods.

Dubbed the food of the gods, chocolate contains theobromine, a compound similar to caffeine, a natural stimulant. Montezuma, the great Aztec emperor, was known to imbibe 50 cups of hot chocolate before tearing loose on his harem.

Whatever is in vogue will do. Alcohol is known to reduce inhibitions and spark celebration. They say that the effervescent scent of champagne replicates female pheromones.

With an aroma supposedly sexually stirring to women, the almond is associated with fertility and passion.  In Greece, sugar-coated almonds are tossed as a send off for a romantic honeymoon.

Erotic and restorative in nature, eggs are associated with virility and, most obviously fertility. French brides break an egg at the front door to encourage a large family.

February 2013, Flavor616 Magazine

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