Sausages, Mushrooms and Marsala Cream Sauce

Simple is good right? This pasta recipe is one of those special meals that’s easy to pull together on a weeknight for the fam or to impress at a dinner party. It’s both rustic and classy, and can simply serve two or a big crowd with gusto! Robust sausages and mushrooms envelop in a butter cream sauce and a hearty splash of Marsala marries the flavors together.
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10 Sandwiches That Have Lunch Meat Beat

The World Health Organization’s declaration that bacon, sausages and other processed meats are carcinogens and red meat may cause cancer, is an open invitation for us as a global community to reflect and change our eating habits. Keep Reading!


Fall is creeping in with crisp and cooler evenings.  Kitchens warmed with simmering stews and soups are quintessential classics.  This is a Brazilian take on “boiled dinner” or stew.
Assorted vegetables and meats are slowly cooked tender and served together with  Pirão (farofa/cassava flour mixed with hot broth).


Beef Chuck

Assorted salted pork cuts

Smoked Sausage (such as Polish)



Chayote Squash







Boil Meats until tender at least 3 hours.  Boil Vegetables beginning with longest cooking time (ie Potatoes) until tender.  Add Farofa to a skillet and simmer with broth from the cooked meats until creamy.  Serve meats and vegetables on a large platter with Pirão on the side.

Muito Bom!