Meet Michelle


I’m Mish, a lifestyle writer who enjoys exploring the world behind the wheel of a Fiat 500, mapping out adventures and stops for good eats along the way. My diverse writing experience has given me the opportunity to actively contribute content to online platforms including Brit + Co.Curly Hair and Frizzy Hair. My work has been published in the following print magazines: I Like Blogs, Roadbelly and Flavor616. I have also created and managed social media content for ErMats International Foods and RunGR.

Table Without Borders is my place to share my love of writing, traveling and enthusiasm for food. I’ve found myself on an eternal quest for hunting down the best eats and travel experiences that I can. I find it rightfully just to share some of those secrets – as a sort of public favor.

Hang out here, get motivated, eat well and find something that captures your eye.

6 thoughts on “Meet Michelle

    1. Wonderful! You will have to send me a link to runrevolution, so that I can check out your blog because I love running! Thanks for checking out my blog and hope it inspires!


  1. Just found you after reading your post on wedding trends. Great post and I plan to share! Looks like we have a lot in common. I too run (although at a slow jog pace), love the culinary arts and am a food voyeur, am inspired by people, travel and adventure, and love all that glitters. Following is link to my blog in case you are interested in following and sharing each other’s info. Write on!

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