Leftovers For Breakfast, Yucca Root Hash and BBQ Ribs: Whole30 Day Two

After drinking ALL of that water last night I woke up more than once to go to the bathroom… not doing that again! E made coffee, we rested in bed sipping our joe and reading the news before turning on some tunes and doing our morning workout. I was SO sore from yesterday, like couldn’t move my arms sore, I guess push-ups are something I’m going to have to build up to, today I modified the push-ups to crunches.
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Tender, Fall Off The Bone Barbecue Ribs

Who can resist a finger-lickin’, sticky and sweet bite of classic Southern ribs? Tender, melt in your mouth pork seasoned to perfection and layered with all the right flavors: savory, sour and sweet. But wait, there’s more!

Porchetta Pork Tenderloin

If I didn’t have your attention at “porchetta”, then you’ve got to keep reading. Go ahead, drool over the photos and imagine this succulent and flavourful pork tenderloin disguised as a laboriously prepped porchetta coming out of your oven in 45 minutes or less. Keep Reading!