H2O: Do You Drink Enough?

You hear it all the time from, “you should drink more water,” to “eight glasses a day!” but do you actually drink enough water?
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12 Celebrity Workouts Worth the Burn

If running has you in a rut or your gym has you yearning for some new scenery, then it’s time for a change of pace. Celebs are the ultimate gym bunnies to look to for inspo on what’s new and different in the fitness world, because seriously, who has the time to work out more than the likes of Madonna? Beat boredom and seek out some less traditional methods to challenge your body, try something totally new and, perhaps, have some fun doing it. If you’re after a healthy bod complete with a booty like J Lo, chiseled abs like Beyoncé and lean limbs like Jennifer Aniston, then you’ve got to try these celeb workouts that are totally worth the burn.

Dakota Fanning does Cardio Barre1. Cardio Barre: How does all of this sound to you: chiseled abs, defined arms and a booty to match? Yes, please! Take cue from Dakota Fanning, who feels that Cardio Barre makes exercising all the more fun because you get to feel like a ballerina at the same time. (via Cardio Barre and Jamie McCarthy/Getty)

Katie Holmes does SoulCycle2. SoulCycle: Talk about a workout — this total body fitness program is sure to get you sweaty and whipped into shape in no time. Katie Holmes is an avid fan, and for good reason. And don’t worry if you feel like your soul is literally getting crushed, because the motivational coaching you get from SoulCycle will keep you on your toes and on target with your fitness goals. (via SoulCycle and Bryan Bedder/Getty)

Madonna's trainer is a supporter of Surfset Fitness3. Surfset Fitness: Surf’s up with this new workout that actually mimics riding the waves — without the ocean. The workout designed by Surfset Fitness is touted by Madonna’s personal trainer, Nicole Winhoffer, as an all around, full body workout that can be adjusted for all fitness levels. If you’re after stellar abs along with a serious boost in balance, strength and endurance, you’ve got to get on board. (via Surfset Los Angeles and Jason Merritt/Getty)

Kim Kardashian works out wit AerialSilks4. Aerial Silks: This workout focuses on flying high while defining, strengthening and sculpting your arms, legs, abs and booty. Kim Kardashian is a fan of this fun, efficient and need we say uplifting workout. (via Aerial Physique and Jonathan Liebson/Getty)

Imagine1day Annual Gala Honoring Tracy Anderson

5. AntiGravity Yoga: Take your workout off the ground and check out one of Gwyneth Paltrow’s tried and true fitness methods, AntiGravity Yoga. She explains that it’s a gentler approach to aerials where one can practice all of the yoga moves without needing arms of steel. Get it girls. (via AntiGravity Fitness and Rachel Murray/Getty)

Cameron Diaz works it with Shockwave6. Shockwave: Get prepared for a workout that is, quite literally, shocking. We’re talking circuits combined with Indo-Row machines, body bars and kettle bells to carve out the best possible you. Just check out Cameron Diaz — she worked hard to chisel those abs, and Shockwave is one of her fitness faves. (via Blaze Fitness Studio and Theo Wargo/Getty)

Sofia Vergara works out at SLT7. SLT: They say if cardio, strength training and Pilates had a baby it would be SLT: Strengthen. Lengthen. Tone. Don’t be turned off by the Megaformer — a machine outfitted with handles, straps and pulls — ’cause it’s there to help you get your sweat on while strengthening and lengthening those muscles. Look to Sofía Vergara; she does SLT to maintain her sleek physique along with eating clean by avoiding processed food. (via The Epoch Times and Robert E. Rodriguez/Getty)

Ballet Beautiful with NataliePoortman8. Ballet Beautiful: Lusting after a sleek but strong ballerina body? Well, you’ve got to work hard to get it, but professional ballerina Mary Helen Bowers has created the perfect method for people like you and Natalie Portman to work your way to ballerina fit. (via You Beauty and Andreas Rentz/Getty)

J-Lo does The Tracy Anderson Method9. The Tracy Anderson Method: Work it girl! Make like J.Lo and drink the Tracy Anderson Kool-Aid, because it’s a step in the right direction toward transforming your body inside and out. Choose a program that’s right for you, and fear not: If there isn’t a studio near you, you can train with Tracy right from your living room via the live stream video subscription service. (via Tracy Anderson and Kevin Winter/Getty)

Kelly Ripa does Doonya on the Kelly and Michael Show10. Doonya: Dance away the inches with this vibrant, Bollywood-inspired workout. If you can’t get to a class, don’t sweat it; you can get Doonya’d right at home or on the go. Need a little inspo before you get down with Doonya? Check out Kelly Ripa dancing with Doonya for the first time on live TV. (via Doonya and Stephen Lovekin/Getty)


11. DailyHIIT: Prepare to get your butt kicked with this high intensity interval workout (HIIT) that is awesome because, a) not only do you get results like Beyoncé but b) you can do it all from your very own living room. (via Body Rock and Buda Mendes/Getty)

Miranda Kerr does Pilates12. Da Vinci Bodyboard: Brought to fitness fanatics by the pioneer of Pilates, Floery Mahoney, the Da Vinci Bodyboard may look menacing, but it’s a powerhouse of resistance training, muscle-toning and strength-building goodness. Miranda Kerr swears by Pilates and suggests incorporating it into your fitness schedule at least two times per week. It’s easy when you’ve got everything you need right at home with the Da Vinci Bodyboard. (via Da Vinci Bodyboard and Neilson Barnard/Getty)

Okay gym rats, let us know if you’ve tried any of these celeb-inspired workouts before.  If so, comment below if it was worth the burn!

Beat the Dreaded Bloat With This SUPERPOWER Tea

There’s nothing worse than feeling bloated and uncomfortable amiright!? It’s often the cause of what we are eating and drinking along with lack of sleep. To get back on track and beat the dreaded bloat I’ve got just the trick!
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Meal Plan: Re-Energize and Re-Boot

Here is your She Does Fitness Meal Plan to help keep you on track, inspire you with healthy eats or simply as a tool for you new ideas and healthy recipes… ’cause who doesn’t love that?!

When it comes to lifestyle changes like healthy eating it’s important to remember this: If you don’t like it don’t eat it. 

A common mistake people make is trying to eat foods that they don’t really like and if you do that, you are setting yourself up for failure. Think of it this way, if you don’t like kale and you packed a big ‘ole kale salad for lunch, chances are you’re not going to enjoy it and you’ll easily gravitate towards the office donuts instead!
So, don’t do that!
Plan ahead, keep some go-to recipes in your arsenal and healthy eating will become a no-brainer! 

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