Getting Lucky

Getting Lucky
By Michelle Swift
Published in January 2013 issue of Flavor616

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How to Determine if an Avocado is Ripe

In the veggie aisle at the Rodriguez Market, elbows deep in avocados in search of the ripe one, the perfect sense between firm and soft, the bright green flesh that Mexican’s refer to as, poor man’s butter.
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Green Goddess

The last grilled cheese I ate was so DELISH, I’m trending a kick. I do recall mentioning that I could survive on bread and cheese! Texting a photo of my previous Tomato, Avocado, Spinach Grilled Cheese to a friend (because all the cool kids share photos of their dinner) sparked another spin on grilled cheese that he had stumbled upon. The Green Goddess Grilled Cheese, green it is and GOOD. I made it the next night and approve.
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Banoffee Pie

When Juliet {Kiera Knightley} pleads with Mark {Andrew Lincoln} at his doorstep in Love Actually, for video footage from her wedding day, she bribes him with a box of banoffee pie. The moment she uttered the words, “banoffee pie,” I knew I wanted to try it. You see, I have an affinity for words and banoffee is one that strikes me. It rolls off the tongue in a playful manner and it’s a made up word, stemming from banana and toffee. Cheers to the British for bringing banoffee to our language and dessert to our bellies.
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A Childhood Classic, Grown Up

Grilled Cheese. Buttery toast and tangy melted cheese fused together to create the ultimate sandwich. The sandwich of childhood memories with pairings of tomato soup.  The go-to for comfort and warmth. Step away from the Kraft Singles and spin this versatile classic into your own creation!
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Cuban Tempeh

Tempeh is a protein packed cake of partially fermented soy beans. Nutty in taste and characteristically versatile, tempeh takes on the flavor of whatever it’s cooked in. Additionally, the flavor and texture are enhanced by; steaming, marinating, blackening, slicing or crumbling into soups and stews. The following recipe was developed by a friend at the Sweet Life and is inspired by a Grand Rapids vegetarian namesake, Gaia.  Cuban Tempeh is a great way to enjoy a lingering weekend brunch:
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