What the heck is a hexaflexamexigon? Good question and one I asked myself when a friend passed along a video by Vi Hart from Kahn Academy (if you’re not familiar with Kahn Academy I encourage you to click on the link.)


Flexagons are multi-faceted geometric shapes created from a flat sheet of paper. The prefix determines how many sides a flexagon has e.g., hexa means 6 sides.


Hexaflexamexigons are my kind of flexagons because they are filled with food!


Vi encourages first time hexaflexagoners to begin with a strip of paper to master the folding skills.

Disclaimer:  Abide by this advice. Just because you like math and can cook does not mean that you can magically have your way with a tortilla folding it into 10 equal triangles, arranging it into a hexagon and stuffing it with guac and beans. If you do not heed this advice and end up with a hexaflexamexigon, I’m jealous and I congratulate you. Pathetically, I ate 3 mutilated tortillas the night that I attempted my hexaflexamexigon debut.

Check out Vi’s video, try your hand at playing with food and learning math too:
Flex Mex: Might as well.

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