Fresh From The Oven to Your Door: 15 Amazing Online Pie Companies

This might just be the greatest invention since sliced bread. No running to the store for butter, no cursing when you burn your hand on the oven and no crying when your laborious pie crust is burnt to a crisp. We’ve found your saving grace — pie bakers who deliver the goods to your door with a click of the mouse. Keep Reading!


No Time to Cook? 12 Places That Will Deliver Your Holiday Meal

Did you volunteer to host a holiday dinner party but haven’t used your oven in ages? Need to impress after last year’s sweet potato disaster at Friendsgiving? Or do you just want to send a holiday meal to family who can’t make it to your Thanksgiving dinner? No sweat. Keep Reading!

The Quirkiest Monthly Subscriptions to Gift This Holiday

Now that you’re making some serious progress with your gift list, all that’s left to tackle are presents for those people who seem to have it all. Skip the boring gift cards this year and go for the best kind of gift: the kind that keeps on giving. Keep Reading!

Boost Your Productivity With 12 Google Homepage Alternatives

There’s no place like home… unless your Internet homepage loads directly to Google. When it comes to your default homepage, there’s a lot more out there than your standard ol’ search engine. I’m unloading some awesome alternatives that go beyond Google and aim to simplify, motivate and jump start your day each time you go online. You won’t have to click your mouse three times — all it takes is a few tweaks in your browser settings. Keep Reading!

Boost Your Productivity With 12 Google Homepage Alternatives

There’s no place like home… unless your Internet homepage loads directly to Google. When it comes to your default homepage, there’s a lot more out there than your standard ol’ search engine. We’re unloading some awesome alternatives that go beyond Google and aim to simplify, motivate and jump start your day each time you go online. You won’t have to click your mouse three times — all it takes is a few tweaks in your browser settings.


1. For Goal Seekers: If you want to get personal, get Momentum. This dashboard is all about eliminating distraction by putting all the focus on you. Forget having Facebook, Twitter and time-sucking apps right at your fingertips. Instead, use Momentum to fill your homepage with your personal goals, inspo, positivity, motivation, to-dos and daily goals. (Free on Chrome)

2. For The Collaborator: Start your day your way with, the homepage that’s all about personalization. Organize all of your favorite websites, feeds, notes, to-dos and social updates. Everything is safely stored in the cloud, so you can access your info on any device. is great for co-workers, teams and friends too, as you can share and collaborate with dashboards. (Free on Chrome)


3. For Minimalists: Currently is after the hearts of minimalists everywhere. If you’re a fan of simplicity and flat design, get this homepage. By automatically pinpointing your locale, Currently displays weather conditions and the current time — that’s it. (Free on Chrome)


4. For Procrastinators: Procrastinate much? With Motivation ticking your life away, you may just find yourself wasting less time on what’s not important. This simple, clean and slightly grim homepage displays a clock that constantly ticks away your age. (Free on Chrome)

5. For List Lovers: For personal or team use, Dayboard is your homepage for getting things done. Dayboard keeps you focused on five primary tasks that you need to complete that day and reminds you to do them each time you open your homepage. Reset your to-do list each day and stay motivated with Dayboard’s graph, which tracks your task history. (Free on Chrome)


6. For Time Managers: Having trouble managing your time? Limitless is your saving grace for amping up your productivity and managing your time smarter. Need a little nudge making your dreams come true? Limitless tracks your goals and motivates you to focus on your objectives with inspiring images and positive quotes. (Free on Chrome)


7. For Keeping Current: If you must keep up with your latest everything, Card Board keeps your recent bookmarks, downloads and settings streamlined in a neat and clean Google layout. (Free on Chrome)


8. For Instant Access: They don’t call it Lightning Newtab for nothing. This homepage, based on HTML5, opens tabs, bookmarks and favorites lickety-split. Choose from thousands of wallpapers to personalize your background whenever you want, and select from four different interface layout options; whatever suits your fancy. (Free on Chrome)


9. For Savvy Readers: With Feedly, you can curate your very own page filled with all the things you love to read from newspapers, magazines, websites and blogs. You’ll be able to share the stories you read with friends via Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, Buffer, OneNote, Pinterest and LinkedIn. (Free on IOS, Android and Chrome)


10. For the Traveler: World explorers, Traveler is your homepage. Venture to a new destination each time you open your Internet browser. Beautiful images from around the globe will fill your homepage, along with useful info like the local time, weather and links to your most visited websites. (Free on Chrome)


11. For Power Users: Created by Opera, Vivaldi is a modern, flat design featuring the ability to take notes, email, use keyboard shortcuts and even change the look of a webpage with page actions. Available for Windows, Mac and Linux, Vivaldi is still in its early days, but you can download a tech preview and give your input. (Free from Vivaldi)


12. For PC Lovers: Microsoft has been buzzing in the news headlines with their announcement of Project Spartan, a code name for a new Internet browser they have in the works, designed to go along with the new Windows 10. The new browser is said to be loaded with features like a built-in notebook and a way to strip webpages down to text only. Keep your eyes open for the unveiling of Microsoft’s new browser. (via MSDN)

What is your “no place like home” homepage set to? Let us know in the comments below.

11 Apps + Websites That Will Save Your Valentine’s Day

So you totally forgot that it’s Valentine’s Day weekend, or maybe work has been too crazed to plan anything — we’ve been there. If you’re the last-minute type, we’ve got some love-ly ideas that show you put some thought and effort into saying “I love you.” The best part? You can do it all from your phone. We’re not talking wilted bouquets or dusty chocolate boxes here. Check out our fave services that get fresh flowers and unique gifts to the door without the mass chaos that may ensue in the chocolate aisle.


1. 3D Printed Roses ($15): Make your tech love’s heart flutter with surprise at receiving a not-so-average bloom. You can order them a single rose or a whole bouquet of 3D printed roses.


2. BloomNation: Because the person who makes you crazy in a good way deserves much more than a generic floral arrangement. Keep it local, and send a hand-crafted floral arrangement designed by a local floral artisan.


3. Postmates: Calling all procrastinators: Meet your Valentine’s Day lifesaver, Postmates. Dubbed the “Uber of packages,” you name it, and it’s delivered in under an hour. Whether it’s flowers for your sweetie, a latte to brighten their day or dinner for two from your fave restaurant, you can take your pick from any restaurant or store in your city, whether they offer delivery or not. (photo via @postmates)


4. Minibar: What’s a celebration without a little bubbly? Minibar is here to lift your spirits by delivering the goods: wine, liquor, beer, mixers and more. With a few taps on your phone and a brief 30-60 minute wait, Minibar will be at your door. It’s available in major cities across the U.S. and delivery is free. (Free on iOS and Android)


5. All You Need Is Love GLITTER Gift Box ($129): It’s true, all you really need is love… but some wine would be nice too, and perhaps some dark chocolate and maybe a bubble bath with a flickering candle, amiright? This glittering gift box is filled with everything but the bathtub.


6. MeUndies ($16+): Step up your his-and-her underwear game this V-Day with a brand-new pair of undies delivered right to your door.


7. Mouth: Valentine’s Day Tasty Treats: Why make your lovebird’s heart flutter when you can make their mouth water with indie food and booze from Mouth? Get small-batch food and drinks, made by real people, delivered right to your door. With so many tasty gifts to choose from, we suggest you start with the Valentine’s Day XO Tasters and Love Potion #9.


8. Goldbely: You won’t have to spend endless hours searching for the most deliciously unique gourmet eats for your foodie-obsessed love. Goldbely’s team of food explorers has done the work for you. If you want to impress your main squeeze with a lobster dinner, Goldbely will deliver it fresh. Homemade chocolate truffles to melt your lover’s heart? No problem.


9. Farm to People: Edible gifts truly are the way to a loved one’s heart, so this Valentine’s Day, speak the language of love through small-batch artisanal goods like Sea Salt Truffles, Chocolate-Dipped Almond Coconut Macarons or our fave, Chocolate-Vanilla Bean Cream Sandwiches.


10. Reserve: Things are about to get personal when it comes to dining out. Thanks to Reserve, you can reserve your table and pay your bill (tip included!) without ever pulling out your wallet. Why not reserve time with your main squeeze and not worry about the little things? (Free on iOS)

11. EatStreet: Remembering the mass chaos of last year’s Valentine’s Day dinner reservation? Opt for a romantic night in and get your dinner delivered right to your candlelit dining table. Choose any of your local flavors, and EatStreet has you and your dinner date covered with the tap of a button. (Free on iOS and Android)

What delivery services make your heart skip a beat? Talk to us in the comments below.

Jot It Down on Paper: Facebook’s Newest App

Are you head-over-heels excited to get your hands on the new iPhone app available February 3rd? It’s like Facebook meets Pinterest meets Instagram meets Twitter meets Feedly. Facebook imagined the unthinkable and created a new publishing tool to share stories.


Go ahead and say hello to Paper. Jot down your story, read the stories of others from around the world, share it to Facebook, and get your news fix too. Yep, Facebook outdid themselves. You may never open the Facebook app again after trying your hand at Paper.

Paper was designed with you in mind. The iPhone app is meant for users to spend some time appreciating the content they’re engaged with. Right off the bat you’ll notice the stark contrast to the multitude of tabs of Facebook’s news feed. Paper delivers a captivating set of fluid, horizontally scrolling screens.

Each section consists of a main screen with a cover story suspended over a list of smaller stories at the bottom. We should mention stories are shared with elegant, visual appeal. You may scroll down through each of the stories or pinpoint the one that interests you, select, and fully immerse yourself.


Bid adieu to tabs and buttons. Paper is designed to be navigated via gestures: Thumb, tap, twist, and tilt. Don’t worry, if you get stuck, the app will give you a helpful tip on how to navigate.

Browse through sections of organized content for fast and fluid perusing of themes and interests. Every section includes photos, videos, articles, essays, and more for you to find what captures your attention. Make your Paper tailor-made by dragging and dropping the content you like into sections.












With Paper, Facebook created a beautiful space for us to visit, and share stories. A place to get away from the clutter, slow our pace, and spend some time looking into the world around us.

Intrigued to check out this beautiful app on your hand-sized screen? Let us know in the comments below.

The pursuit of ________?

Make your life, don’t just let it happen.

What do you want to be today, not someday?
What makes you inspired, scared, or thankful?
What are you waiting for?

Think about it…..

Gather your dreams, desires, what-have-you’s, fears and wonderment and go. Go experience, learn, fail, be remarkable and adventurous. Make moments, meet people, learn and love.

Yes, there is always a SOMEDAY but today is TODAY, make it count.

“Fitz and I climbed within a few feet of each other, carrying on a conversation up the mostly solid rock, stopping every few feet to talk about life and work and art and insomnia as the sun dropped over the Oquirrh Mountains west of the city, each of us on his own set of handholds and footholds.

I have this essay in my head, I said, About little things that I see that make me thankful and inspired, things like blind people crossing the street by themselves, elderly ladies who go out for ice cream by themselves and don’t get sad, and three-legged dogs who run and don’t care that they only have three legs.” —Brendan Leonard

From this essay stemmed “35” a video which embraces the act of living one’s dreams.  A metaphor for life, a dedication to the little joys and big ass things that culminate life:

Get inspired. Go climb that mountain, make that video, move abroad, learn something new, live out of a van, start a bakery—whatever is tucked away into that “someday drawer” get it out, make it count and live it today.

How to be a Freelancer Not a Bill Collector

If you’ve done freelance work, your ears are no stranger to the phrase, “we can’t pay you, but you’ll get exposure!”  When first starting out as a freelancer with no experience, free work may be the way to put yourself on a map. Exposure gets you connections and puts your name, your work and reputation in as many places as possible. However, don’t take on just any free work, choose your “exposure” gigs wisely.

Design for Food

Lynn Harris puts it point-blank, “If you’re going into something where creativity and work intersect, you can’t let people take advantage of you. Because there’s this prevailing notion of ‘You’re doing what you love—why do you need to get paid?”‘

If you’re a serious creative professional you will be paid for your work:

Know your client—This is not a blind date.
Research them. Do a Google search, email your freelance friends and inquire if anyone has worked with so and so?  Do the detective work before saying yes!

Before you name your price know what you’re getting into—Ask Questions.
Understand who the client is, what they want and how they want it. Before signing or drafting a contract Michelle Goodman from My So-Called Freelance Life advises to ask the following:
•Who will be your go-to person for the project in case you have questions? (if not the contact you’re talking to now, then who?) Client

•Who else will you be working with and in what capacity? (who will get you all the photos and testimonials for the website you’re being hired to build?)

•What type of feedback can you expect? (Is the main concern that you get the client’s “voice” and branding right, or are the reviewers known for their heavy-handed markups?)

•What’s the deadline for each stage of the project (first through final versions?)

•What’s the copyright situation? (For may commercial jobs, the client will want all rights to your work. But when creating your own essay, song, or photo for publication, performance, or exhibition, you absolutely want to retain ownership.)

Ask as many questions as you need to.

Naming your price—All about the $$$
•Devise a personal budget

•Draft a budget for your first year’s business expenses—include monthly expenses, supplies and startup/one-time purchases you’ll need to freelance to your heart’s content.

•Track personal and business expenses separately, you’ll thank yourself for doing this when imagestax time rolls around!

•Get ready to pay quarterly taxes, save your receipts, know your deductions, collect your 1099s, and dot your I’s and cross your T’s. The IRS is notably dubious of freelancers, making them prime for auditing—searching for unreported income or overstated deductions. Not sure about any of this? Hire yourself a tax professional.

•A magic formula? If only it were that simple, however each freelancer’s situation is unique. To help determine what you should or could be charging look at current job ads, connect with freelancer’s in your field or use a freelance rate calculator to help clue you in. A personal fave is this rate calculator from Freelance Switch.

Sign on the dotted line—Get it in writing.
Have a written contract and not just a sign here and the deal is done. Factor in every possible contingency of the project including what you agreed to do and what you’ll get in return, SPELL IT ALL OUT. Establishing clear expectations helps avoid problematic hassles down the road.
The Freelancers Union offers resources, benefit and insurance info, rights and legalities—basically sage advice on all aspects of freelancing, including a handy-dandy Contract Creator.  When drafting your own contract they outline the following:
What work will be done? What are the specific tasks to be completed? What are the deliverables? If applicable, include specifications, such as format, quantity, size, color, material to be used, etc. Be as specific as possible.

When will it be done? What is the timeline for the project? State when work will begin, and if there are specific milestones or deadlines over the course of the project. When and under what conditions will the final work be delivered?

Who will do what? State what your responsibilities are and what the client’s responsibilities are. If your work is dependent on receiving materials or direction from the client, be sure to specify those dependencies.

Where will it be done? State whether work will be performed on the client’s premises, and whether the client will provide specific materials or equipment.

How will work be judged acceptable? State how and when the work will be considered complete

On a sidenote: Yours or Mine?
Organizations who typically don’t outsource will likely have you provide your own contract. Larger organizations and firms that do outsource will likely send you their own contract (typically written by lawyers to protect the company) makes sense. When given a contract to sign, take time to look it over or have a legal advisor peruse it. Don’t sign that dotted line until everything you agree upon is included—contracts can be negotiated don’t be afraid to speak up!

the hustleWhen a payment deadline is past due—The check is MIA.
•Because you are a savvy freelancer and did your research and asked your questions, you know who the accounts payable person is and how to contact them. Call them.

•Charge a late fee. This will be outlined in your contract. Send your client a revised invoice including the agreed upon fees + interest.

•For larger projects, request a percentage of the payment up front with installments for project milestones. If the client doesn’t keep good on their payments put the kibosh on it until they keep up their side of the bargain.

•Still not getting anywhere? Send a letter stating the agreed upon amount, length of time overdue and your intention of taking the matter to court or hire a lawyer to draft one for you.

•If shit really hits the fan, as a freelancer you are not covered by most federal employment laws and legal protection. To get paid you’ll have to turn to the court system. With small claims court there is no guarantee that you’ll recoup what you’re owed but perhaps you’ve set the stakes high enough to have the client hand over the cash.

“We accept the love we think we deserve.”

Upon recommendation I watched, The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Based on the trailer, I sensed an upbeat film laced with nostalgic feelings of eternal adolescence. I anticipated laughter, heartfelt-ness, easy-going freedom, and awkward high school days. Some things are not as they appear and this movie is categorized as such, a good film, wrought with emotion, questions, and intensity—just not what I expected. A line that stuck, a piece of advice from the main character’s English teacher:

“We accept the love we think we deserve.”

Questioning love. Love of someone or something, what is it that makes good people get treated badly? Why do we “stick” with someone or something that isn’t good for us? Is it based on past experiences? The fact that at some point, we all go through a bad time, a trauma or dramatic event in our lives and that defines what we think we deserve. Is it the perception of our own definition that can limit possibility?

It made me question my perception of myself, and my life.  The line/advice speaks to being in control of you, your future.  Loving yourself. Using the mind to accomplish what is needed in life. Not having fear, a loss of confidence in oneself, “it” controlling your future. Going after what you want with sheer confidence, complete and utter love for yourself—trust in yourself.

It’s good when something stops you and urges you to think, listen, and grow.

Mix Tape
P.S. the film includes a fave past-time of mine—prevailing your love for someone via the ultimate flirtation device, the mixtape!


Looking for inspiration? Believe in collaboration and innovation? Watch this remarkable collision of creative ideas and technology—

This year, Internet advertising turns 18-years-old.
And yet despite almost two decades of innovation online, digital ads are still being used to simply inform more than they’re being used to connect, engage and entertain. So we designed this experiment to re-imagine what advertising can be and push the boundaries of how creative ideas and our technology can work hand in hand.

Project Re: Brief is an inspiring story about the need for creative thinking in the face of enormous technological shifts in the way we communicate. In a beautiful collision of minds and media, Project Re: Brief is a grand experiment whereby Google partnered with five of the brightest “old-school” legends from advertising to re-imagine their most iconic creative work from a half-century ago for the modern web.

Directed by Doug Pray, and the same team who joined him to make the Emmy-Award-winning film and PBS hit “Art & Copy,” Project Re: Brief is a film that aims to shake up the ad industry and inspire new ways of thinking. While shifting formats and media platforms is one thing, as we learn from our heroes of the past, the basic tenets of human storytelling haven’t changed.

Mashable’s: Replaced by Modern Technology

Mashable recently released an infographic displaying, 50 Things That Have Been Replaced By Modern Technology.  While I don’t agree with everything on this list, as I believe that some things have been enhanced rather than replaced, I still found it entertaining. Call me old fashioned but a few of these things sparked a sense of nostalgia in me. I decided to create my own list of things from Mashable’s that I wish were NOT replaced by modern technology.  (note: I’m also thankful for some replacements like renewing my license via the interent!)

1. Print Photographs

I love the anticipation of seeing what will appear, it’s that element of surprise.  I also enjoy sprucing up home-decor with my travel photos and back in my college days I took a class on developing film and prints, sans the overpowering scent of chemicals the process is amazing!

2. Handwritten Letters

I mean really, who doesn’t love receiving a handwritten note.  A thank you, an I love you, a just because!  As email becomes the norm, the USPS gets further in debt and smart phones and tablets encourage pencil and paper to become obsolete—will writing even be an option?!

3. Make Mixed Tapes

While I don’t own a cassette player I was a HUGE FAN of the mixed tape when I did!  An ultimate way to flirt or say I love you 🙂

4. Check A Map Before A Road Trip or Vacation

What can I say I’ve got a fascination with maps AND not only are they fascinating but you really get to see the BIG picture.  I’m a visual person therefore if I see where I’m going, I can comprehend directions better.  Also I do recall a GPS dumping my family off at a factory parking lot when we were expecting to arrive at Graceland!

5. Remember Phone Numbers

I have a great memory, I can tell you my very first phone number while growing up and I even rattle off my childhood friend’s home phone number from 1985 (I was five then.) Smart phones are now the keeper of digits, all we have to do is find a name and push a button.  When I think about it there really isn’t a reason to remember phone numbers—except for when you’re stranded or lost with a dead phone and need to call a friend or family member from someone else’s…

6. Visit Yard Sales and Flea Markets

I think this is still a ‘thing’ ummm DIY Pinterest anyone!  I like to mix old with new or find a new way to use an old item and sales are the perfect place to peruse and allow your mind to get creative.  I also have an affinity for dishes and am currently collecting a set (Temporama) from the ’60’s—sales are a great place to score finds for items like these.


What the heck is a hexaflexamexigon? Good question and one I asked myself when a friend passed along a video by Vi Hart from Kahn Academy (if you’re not familiar with Kahn Academy I encourage you to click on the link.)

Flexagons are multi-faceted geometric shapes created from a flat sheet of paper. The prefix determines how many sides a flexagon has e.g., hexa means 6 sides.


Hexaflexamexigons are my kind of flexagons because they are filled with food!


Vi encourages first time hexaflexagoners to begin with a strip of paper to master the folding skills.

Disclaimer:  Abide by this advice. Just because you like math and can cook does not mean that you can magically have your way with a tortilla folding it into 10 equal triangles, arranging it into a hexagon and stuffing it with guac and beans. If you do not heed this advice and end up with a hexaflexamexigon, I’m jealous and I congratulate you. Pathetically, I ate 3 mutilated tortillas the night that I attempted my hexaflexamexigon debut.

Check out Vi’s video, try your hand at playing with food and learning math too:
Flex Mex: Might as well.

Irony of Democracy

I tend to keep political views personal–meaning no rants on Facebook, no tweeting or hashtagging, however, I may throw in the occasional pin or two!

I’ve been contending the notion of exercising my right to not vote this election year.  I will not be sharing all of my reasoning here, what I am sharing is an experience I consider prudent:

At 7:25pm I pulled into my driveway, I paused, and shifted into reverse.  It was decided, I was going to go and vote.  I reached my polling station and walked in. The lines were manageable, yet there was a potency of marijuana, booze and stale sweat wafting throughout the air.  Horrified, no judgement as I myself had rolled in, fresh after a run.

Standing in line, ballot in hand, I recognized a couple whom I was acquainted with in the community.  They are about my age, I turned and addressed them, we exchanged common congenialities amongst acquaintances and continued standing in line.  I learned that she had voted earlier and was kindly, accompanying him.

Still waiting, he turned to me and asked what my thoughts were on the state proposals.  Gasp!  I found this question awkward {as I’m standing in line to vote} and politely circled around answering it.  Still waiting, she now turns to the table of volunteers and asks, ” so if he doesn’t know who to vote for or how to vote on some of the proposals can he leave them blank?”  The answer is yes, questions provide clarity, I’m glad she asked.  However, she then continues on to announce, “oh shoot, I wish I would have known that because I just went through the ballot and circled names”…right then my soul fizzled.

My mind began questioning, how many voters are actually INFORMED voters?

What percentage of registered voters, who on election day, exercise their right to vote, understand and enter ballots correctly?

I’m interested in the data of apathetic voters who show up to the poll and simply vote to vote. How many voters tackle ballots like standardized tests, in that, even if you don’t know the answer you’d better be filling in that oval, completely!

disheartened but interested.


….not to be confused with a recreational boat or ship.

Last week I was enticed into attending a hipsterfied gathering of fans to listen to a Portlandia band, Y∆CHT and as Y∆CHT states aka;
“YACHT, Y∆CHT, Y△CHT, Y▲CHT, & Y.A.C.H.T. Capitalization of YACHT is crucial. The name is an acronym which stands for “Young Americans Challenging High Technology;” without proper capitalization this important layer of meaning is entirely lost. It also looks silly — just as “FBI” and “CIA” are senseless without proper capitalization (Fbi, Cia), so Yacht is unacceptable. The optional delta character (∆) represents change, which we believe is relevant since change is the only true constant in YACHT’s artistic output also YACHT.”
In my third decade of life I deemed myself thoroughly un-hip to attend said show but as an eternal optimist I went and loved.


Good people, great music and of course dancing were all had at the GD Rapids, Pyramid Scheme.  I would like to make mention that in order to up my hipsterness I did fashion myself a black-outlined, glitterized triangle tattoo on my forearm….BADA$$, Michelle {horrified? no judgment.}

My friend who suggested I attend, is sensational and designer-ed so I set aside my conviction of attending a bands’ performance of whom I was not already a fan of and now I have new music to enjoy and perform solo, kitchen, dance parties to!

Y∆CHT is a two-some: a chic tomboy {Claire L. Evans} and a guy {Jona Bechtolt} with the best coiffed hair of evah with a bizarro resemblance to Napoleon Dynamite.  Pitchfork describes Y∆CHT as “nervy, spastic electro-funk”

We {as in the fans} were greeted to the stage by triangular smiling emoticons, planted on white columns = makes you want to smile back.  Y∆CHT performed an electrifying set complete with fun hand-motions, general microphone sassiness and even a question and answer session.  Definitely a live show filled with energy, funk and serious GOODNESS!

Two faves of the evening:

Psychic City

Catch up with Y∆CHT on their blog dig into their experimentation, ideas, thoughts and utopian no placeness!

A few of my favorite…FOOD FILMS.

It’s that time of year when darkness falls early, cold weather chill sets in and some nights just couldn’t get any better than an evening indoors with a big mug of hot chocolate and a good movie.  Below is a listing of my favorite films in regards to food.  Bon Appetit!


Bella Martha

Like Water for Chocolate

Eat Drink Man Woman



Julie and Julia

Big Night

Willie Wonka and Chocolate Factory

Christmas in Connecticut