Mashable’s: Replaced by Modern Technology

Mashable recently released an infographic displaying, 50 Things That Have Been Replaced By Modern Technology.  While I don’t agree with everything on this list, as I believe that some things have been enhanced rather than replaced, I still found it entertaining. Call me old fashioned but a few of these things sparked a sense of nostalgia in me. I decided to create my own list of things from Mashable’s that I wish were NOT replaced by modern technology.  (note: I’m also thankful for some replacements like renewing my license via the interent!)


1. Print Photographs

I love the anticipation of seeing what will appear, it’s that element of surprise.  I also enjoy sprucing up home-decor with my travel photos and back in my college days I took a class on developing film and prints, sans the overpowering scent of chemicals the process is amazing!

2. Handwritten Letters

I mean really, who doesn’t love receiving a handwritten note.  A thank you, an I love you, a just because!  As email becomes the norm, the USPS gets further in debt and smart phones and tablets encourage pencil and paper to become obsolete—will writing even be an option?!

3. Make Mixed Tapes

While I don’t own a cassette player I was a HUGE FAN of the mixed tape when I did!  An ultimate way to flirt or say I love you 🙂

4. Check A Map Before A Road Trip or Vacation

What can I say I’ve got a fascination with maps AND not only are they fascinating but you really get to see the BIG picture.  I’m a visual person therefore if I see where I’m going, I can comprehend directions better.  Also I do recall a GPS dumping my family off at a factory parking lot when we were expecting to arrive at Graceland!

5. Remember Phone Numbers

I have a great memory, I can tell you my very first phone number while growing up and I even rattle off my childhood friend’s home phone number from 1985 (I was five then.) Smart phones are now the keeper of digits, all we have to do is find a name and push a button.  When I think about it there really isn’t a reason to remember phone numbers—except for when you’re stranded or lost with a dead phone and need to call a friend or family member from someone else’s…

6. Visit Yard Sales and Flea Markets

I think this is still a ‘thing’ ummm DIY Pinterest anyone!  I like to mix old with new or find a new way to use an old item and sales are the perfect place to peruse and allow your mind to get creative.  I also have an affinity for dishes and am currently collecting a set (Temporama) from the ’60’s—sales are a great place to score finds for items like these.

4 thoughts on “Mashable’s: Replaced by Modern Technology

  1. Maps! Yes, I still love maps, the gps just doesn’t provide the same experience as using a map. Newspapers – nothing better than coffee and the Sunday paper….. books, bookstores – I love the tactile pleasure of printed paper…… and non-digital music – I really miss the great art and liner notes that came hand-in-hand with vinyl and tapes that you don’t get with downloaded music, such a loss. Last but not least, I miss the world without cell phones. I do appreciate their benefits, but it seems like they are a huge distraction…. a lot of deep interaction is lost (and a lot of bad driving ensued!) with the use of cell phones. Good article Michelle! :))


  2. I love maps too! I never go on a road trip without an atlas or paper map – you never know when you will need it, plus they’re cool 🙂


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