Brunch Life: Baddies in Bloordale

I think it was the Instagram-worthy pancakes that drew me in to this Aussie-inspired brunch locale in Bloordale and I’m thankful that they did.

Baddies Outside 2
The interior is simple and small, filled with lots of light and decked out in white metal stools, dark wood tables, bleachers and Bondi beach inspired wallpaper for that oh so cool vibe.
Baddies Interior
You can brunch at Baddies Monday-Saturday from 8am-4pm, their menu offers tasty noshes like brekky rolls, muesli and the ever popular and oh so beautiful buttermilk hot cake. Espresso drinks can be imbibed hot or cold, they make their very own sticky chai tea, serve 49th Parallel teas, hot cocoa and house made juices to suit every discerning taste.Baddies Brekky Roll InteriorI wanted to try the pancake, I really did, but I’m a savoury gal, and the Brekky Roll with Cumbraes double smoked bacon, sunny side up egg, chimmichurri, tomato relish, Blood Brothers IPA BBQ sauce and the addition of avocado had my name on it, plus the girl behind the counter said it was the best in her cool Aussie accent.

The roll, which held all the goodness of this brekky sandwich together was light, yet had the perfect amount of chewiness and crumb. I asked the guy behind the counter if they made it themselves and he replied in his cool Aussie accent, that they are made by Prairie Boy Bread, which I made a mental note to go and check out.

Baddies Lychee Cactus PearI came during the latter half of the day, around 3pm, so I didn’t give any of the coffee drinks a try. Believe me, if I were there in the morning I’d definitely be all over the caffeine, but I was hot from walking and shopping the streets of Bloordale, and opted for a refreshing lychee and cactus pear juice. Hot pink and fruity, it was the perfect refreshment to cool me off.
Baddies Brekky Roll
I’ll definitely be back, the vibe was welcoming, the food was delish, the staff was friendly and who am I kidding, those Aussie accents will get ya every time!

679 Lansdowne Ave
Toronto, ON M6H 3Y9


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