Defining The Bitter End


Merriam Webster’s Definition

: the last extremity however painful or calamitous
: the inboard end of a ship’s anchoring cable

Grand Rapids’s Definition
: a coffee house open 24/7


For nearly 10 years, The Bitter End Coffee House has staked its residence at 752 Fulton Street West. The coffee house itself is a mere baby in comparison to the age of the structure in which it resides. The building, a century-old bank, has been restored to its early, 20th-century ambience.

Entering The Bitter End Coffee House instigates a sense of nostalgia. Oak woodwork embraces the walls, leaded glass windows shed light on passersby, and a detailed tin ceiling attracts the eye upward.

A dark and quiet atmosphere, walls covered in distinct artwork, and background tones of jazz and blues set the tone for this textbook coffeehouse. One would imagine poets, writers, and late-night creatives claiming chair-space at this dark, European-esque establishment.

Located in Grand Rapids’s University District, students take refuge in this locale, suitable for quiet study and work in a co-populated atmosphere. For those craving a social visit, pull your chairs together and play a board game from the shop’s selection.

The Bitter End can satisfy all palettes at anytime of day or night with their myriad of fair trade organic coffee drinks, teas, and over 100 flavors of smoothies and Italian sodas. For those with an affinity for Yerba Mate or Bubble Tea, The Bitter End has you covered. Order up and watch as the barista prepares your drink of choice.

The Bitter End Coffee House—go visit 24/7 and define it for yourself.

February 2013, Flavor616 Magazine

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