Pimp my Ramen!

Already hungry with nothing prepared for dinner, and unmotivated to make a trip to the grocery store because it’s close to Thanksgiving and they are filled with frantic shoppers wheeling carts around in a hectic fashion.  I turned to my cupboards, freezer and fridge, which had the possibility of leading to goodness or grossness.

Miso Butter Mushrooms and Shrimp

Tonight it was goodness! A cheap package of ramen set the tone for an Asian inspired dish.  I always have a bag of frozen shrimp in my freezer, buying it whenever it goes on sale. This habit results in an easy way to add protein to meals or having a quick appetizer on a platter in a pinch.  I also store a canning jar of white miso in my fridge because it lasts for months and months.  Sometimes lazy to cut fresh garlic or ginger I typically keep jars of chopped garlic and minced ginger in the fridge as well.  A dash of miso, Maggi and ginger later I had a pan of steaming, miso butter mushrooms and shrimp.

Miso Butter Mushrooms and Shrimp

Miso Butter Mushrooms and Shrimp

1 pkg of Ramen Noodles (do not use the flavoring, just the noodles!)
8 oz. Portobello Mushrooms, large slices
10 Tail on Cooked Shrimp, completely thawed
4 Tbs. Butter
2 cloves Garlic, chopped
1 tsp minced Ginger
4 Green Onions, chopped
2 Tbs. White Miso Paste
2 tsp. Maggi Sauce (found in the ethnic aisle, made by Nestlè)

Cook the ramen in a pot of boiling water, drain and set aside.

In a large skillet over medium heat add butter, garlic, ginger and green onions.  Cook until fragrant about 1 minute. Add in the shrimp and cook about 2 minutes just before it turns pink add the mushrooms, miso and Maggi seasoning. Cook until mushrooms are tender about 1 minute more.  Add in the cooked ramen noodles and heat until warmed through.  Serve.


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