Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth?!

As a creative, envisioning a brilliant idea and then discovering that someone has already found a solution ensues a self-thought bubble of, why didn’t I DO that?! Jealousy aside, for those critical-solvers innovating their ideas into action, the following is an AWESOME social experiment turned tangible.


As of late, I’ve been reintroduced to the prevalence of, “the temporary event space.” What I’ve experienced and heard, people transform their rad apartment, yard or uber-fab loft into a purpose, an event.  Whether it be an art show, concert, dance or culinary soiree. A temporary event space is contrary from simply, inviting friends over.  A temporary event  has a name, a purpose, a theme, it’s transformed into a community for friends, friends of friends and strangers to co-mingle and co-create in a space.

Joe Che and Margaret Gere did just that.  It could be coined, “flashmob cooking” but Chaos Cooking it is.  Che and Gere to fulfill a nostalgic need, the sense of a bustling kitchen filled with family members, elbow to elbow, during the holidays, fueled this culinary phenomenon. The first Chaos Cooking event hosted 18 close friends in an apartment kitchen, co-creating a meal.  Chaos Cooking continued, new friends, friends of friends, strangers and themes came about.  In fact, it got as chaotic as 80 individuals crammed into the apartment kitchen cooking, prepping and eating in every nook and cranny.

Several Chaos Cooking events later, Che and Gere decided to expand their idea to communities near and far.  Borrowing on the CouchSurfing, vouching concept, Chaos Cooking launched a website that encourages others to host temporary events in their own homes, apartments, lofts, garages and yards. Chaos Cooking communities now stretch around the globe.

The Concept:

“Good People + Good Food = Good Times

Everyone brings the ingredients to make a dish of their choice. Everyone cooks together and then helps restore the space to its original condition.”

Imagine 15 or even 95 people chopping, boiling, tasting, mixing, slicing, stirring, drinking, singing, conversing and learning together, in one space.  Utilizing a coffee table as a prep station, converting a desktop into a chopping block, elbow to elbow with a stranger mixing frosting while you are stuffing dates.  Food in one hand, drink in another, conversing about who knows what, meeting who knows who! After the initial burst of food-prep frenzy, chefs turned into bussers, eat together and clean-up the mess. I’d say a great night ensued.

A brilliant social experiment, involving people, food and a space. Chaos Cooking builds community, inspires ideas and surely, fills a fridge with leftovers.

3 thoughts on “Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth?!

  1. I had no idea there was a name for this let alone a conceptual movement – who knew? :)) I actually attended one of these here in Houston called ‘cooking therapy’. It was organized by Monica Pope (famous chef name-dropping here 😉 There were about 50 people crowded around several tables in a space above her restaurant, Tafia. Each table was responsible for creating one dish, the recipes were posted on the table and she provided all of the ingredients, tools and implements required to fulfill the mission with tasting afterwards. It was a total, loud, hot mess of mass chaos – the pre-‘therapy’-cocktails probably had something to do with this, haha!! But it was a different experience, and fun, if you went expecting more of a social activity rather than a culinary experience.


  2. I just looked her up and read this: “My cooking style has developed organically from certain fundamental truths: first, what grows together goes together, and, second, that food simply tastes better when you eat where your food lives.” LOVE!

    I know what a fab concept! I’d love to host one….but soon enough we’ll be mixin’ it up in the Rosebush kitchen.


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