Hostess with the Mostess

When Hostess invited the Twinkie to the party guests were entertained!  More people were introduced to the Twinkie and it became an icon, filling the mouths of happy customers and the pockets of a profitable organization for 82 years.


Tweets and Facebook posts of disbelief, gasps of no more Twinkies!  A yellow spongy cake with a cream filled center wrapped in plastic that lasts FOREVER, is it really gasp-worthy or is it what Hostess makes us believe about ourselves, how we relate to the product, that warrants gasps of loss? For some the Twinkie speaks to nostalgia of childhood, a simpler life.

Today marks the fall of the Twinkie, a societal impact, we don’t need junk food, fillers and additives, Twinkies and Ding Dongs may have lost their zeal.  In conglomeration with a slew of dispassionate and unengaged employees the Twinkie’s shelf life is expired.

Hostess operated a top down business model, focusing on organizational profit and growth.  Hostess was there to “satisfy your snack cravings with a full line of delicious flavors. The greatest snack cake on Earth, Twinkies.” A multi-billion dollar company that did more with less, a great idea for profitability tunnel vision but what about employees, how do they fit into this model?  Are they wrapped in a warm fuzzy blanket of trust and value, with less?

Employees lost belief in Hostess, fizzling the relationship between organization and employee.  Customers’ appeal for junk food is swayed for healthier options, the Twinkie losing its impact. Hostess wants profit maximization–power.  What does an organization that is bigger than big, whose focus on profit, with dispassionate employees and a mission that is no longer connecting with customer values do?

Innovate, diversify or die.  One cannot live on longevity in a changing environment.

In Hostess’s case, perhpas too much power results in weakness.  Once you are at the top there is no way to shift left or right or upside down, instead the party’s over.

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