I’ve read about it, thought about it and finally visited it. A new chef-driven eat-in or carry out restaurant becomes refreshment to the suburbian panorama of Ada, MI. Using the words quaint, charming, foodista, local, and superfreakingdelish, Saburba is a sense of commonplace in what was once familiar.



A hip spot to meet friends, bring out-of-towners or pop in for quick, satisfying, real food. Saburba  sources local farmers, greenhouses and even artisans’ their own canned goods.

Head chef, Peter Davidson has a passion for food and it shows.  He helped open local faves, Winchester, Grove and The Green Well and now at Saburba we can delight in Chef Davidson’s flair for local, made-from-scratch, seasonal eats.

Entering Saburba expect to be greeted by a chalkboard rendition of a happy, skillet wielding pig, overlooking playful farmyard friends.  Being led by black and white checkered tiles, to a curvaceous, glass deli case, featuring homemade sweets {Sunday is donut day!}  There are around 4 industrial-esque tables with mismatched stools and Bentwood chairs for eating in-house.  Step right on up to the counter and order from the chalkboard menu affixed to the wall.  An open and bustling kitchen seizes attention as you pay with a swipe of the finger on an iPad.

Get the ramen!  Homemade noodles.  Kimchi, mushrooms, soul-satisfying broth, bokchoy. Did I mention homemade noodles!  Take a seat inside and hone in on the sense that you are on glorified picnic. Fresh, real food, no fancy napkins or plates, simple and nourishing.

Ramen, Saburba-style!

One of the owners, Sarah Andro, brought us dessert to sample, Ooey-Gooey Bars, a lovely cake-like custard that was just that, ooey-gooeyness all up in my mouth!

I am also noting that Saburba offered a delightful Rosemary, Orange, Lemon flavored water which I imbibed with a blue and white, twisted cardboard straw, now come on, really can it get any better than that!  They sold me on that darn twisty straw!

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