Fish on the Grill, Beer on the Porch

A long day of work overturned by a relaxing, late night meal and enjoyment of nightfall whilst sharing conversation and beers with friends on the porch. Can’t get better than that!
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Knee-High by July

A summer memory:

Sitting on the front stoop, my sister by my side with a brown-paper grocery bag and a heavy bottomed cooking pot.  There we sat shucking away the green husks and wisps of silk from Mid-Western sweet corn.  We knew that summer had arrived when corn was offered up at roadside stands and grew to be knee-high by July.  Nothing beat those crisp, golden kernels, bursting open with a pop of sweet, starchy goodness!
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Riding the Crazy Train!

Nestled in the center of Rio de Janeiro atop the hills, resides a quaint neighborhood filled with narrow streets, charmingly, antiquated buildings and art.  This would be Santa Teresa which originated around, 1750 and grew into an upperclass borough with elaborate mansions.  The upperclass vibe is no more but the old mansions are still standing.  Santa Teresa cycled from its upperclass status to that of a dangerous bohemian enclave surrounded by favelas. Today it has revitalized, preserving old homes, opening new businesses and cultivating itself as an artist hotspot.  Santa Teresa is filled with galleries, street art, great views of Rio, excellent eats and the “bodinho.”
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New York Cowboys

I recently spent an afternoon warmed by sun beams in a horse pasture.  This was a very special horse pasture tended by the Bonney’s, two New York city-ites transplanted to a lackadaisical pace nestled among the mountain peaks of Gunnison, Colorado.
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A nod to Cinco

Last night was an uncelebratory nod to Cinco de Mayo.  My friend (A.) invited me over for dinner and between what she had in her fridge and what I had in mine we were able to collaborate a meal.  Fish Tacos with fresh Tuna and Southwest Slaw accompanied by Rick Bayless’s Lime Ice

(A.) seared the Tuna in a spice blend, prepared a cabbage slaw scented with lime juice and honey and whipped up a fresh yogurt to drizzle atop our tacos!
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Coconut Porter

I was at a pub in Gunnison, CO and this brew caught my eye….Maui Brewing Company, Coconut Porter, brewed with hand-toasted coconut.

I ordered it up and my chilled porter arrived, not in a bottle and not in a glass but in a can!  I was a bit stunned that a microbrew was served dressed in a can and I would expect nothing less from a PBR or Strohs but a microbrew?  I snobbishly requested a glass.
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