Scrambled Tofu Breakfast Bahn Mi

The title may say breakfast but this bahn mi can be enjoyed at any meal.
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Seitan Coriander Cutlets

I’ve never made seitan before much less knew what its ingredients consisted of. Upon research I’ve discovered that its simply vital wheat gluten, the natural protein (75%) found in wheat.  Vital wheat gluten is known as the “meat” made from wheat, a vegan/vegetarian cutlet with the consistency of meat and the versatility of grilling, steaming or simmering.
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Borscht is what comes to mind when talking about Russian cuisine, however shchi is just as distinguishable. Shchi is a hot soup with cabbage as the main ingredient and even more favorably sauerkraut, lending it an appealing sour taste. With a myriad of recipes shchi can be made with meat or without, with cabbage or with sauerkraut but one thing remains the same, the soup should cure before eating.  Most cooks wait at least a day or two before serving it hot alongside rye bread and butter.
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