Fat Tuesday, French Fish Chocolates and Chorizo + Okra Gumbo: Whole30 Day Twenty-Six


Today is Fat Tuesday –– Carnival, otherwise known as the day of indulgence before lent. As revellers throughout the world take to the streets in celebration, I refrained from my annual Fat Tuesday, prune-filled paczki and came up with a little spin on gumbo instead. Continue reading “Fat Tuesday, French Fish Chocolates and Chorizo + Okra Gumbo: Whole30 Day Twenty-Six”

There’s Always Paris and Profiteroles

The brisk morning air sent a memorable chill through me as I walked the dog on our morning jaunt. The sunshine dappled through the almost changing leaves and there was that sense of seasonal change in the breeze. Nostalgia grabbed a hold of me and my thoughts turned to Paris. I visited once in early October and today reminded me of that trip. My mind flooded with all the things I cherished in that city, but between you and me, I wanted to dislike it, because everyone loves Paris, but once there, how could I object to something so wonderful!?
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Chocolate Tofu Pudding

Trying new things. Being different. It’s not for everyone but for those who dabble in the unexpected, magical things can happen.  Tonight, in my kitchen, I did something out of the ordinary and discovered the wondrousness of a simple, chocolate pudding. Afresh to the exploration with tofu, I chanced upon a recipe that piqued my curiosity.
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