Nature Box

I’ve just received my very first mail-order food product—a box of snacks!  I stumbled upon Nature Box via the interwebs a bit ago and decided to give it a whirl. Once a month Nature Box will send you a box of minimally processed and nutritionist approved snacks—no high fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated oils, trans fats, artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors.


Nature Box appears to be a convenient way to try new things, enjoy a surprise (call me old-fashioned but I love receiving paper mail) and make all your co-workers jealous of your awesome stash of snacks! I bought into Nature Box thinking it would be a great way to healthfully snack at work. Ideally I can stash a bag of snacks in my desk to last the week ensuring that all 5 assortments last the month or more.

I’m interested to see if Nature Box will work for me, I  foresee myself eating the entire bag of snacks in one sitting as opposed to a single serving—but I’m an optimist so we’ll see how it goes!

My first monthly shipment included:

Masa Crisps
Orange Crush Granola
Lone Star Snack Mix
Cranberry Almond Bites
Wild Berry Bunch

The Nature Box came with a nifty card explaining each of the snacks, recommendations, and a recipe utilizing one of the snacks. Each recyclable package lists the ingredients and nutritional information. Other good things include free shipping, cancel/pause monthly membership at anytime, and soon to be personal, customization of snacks received in your Nature Box. I have to make mention of the cute packaging, did you catch the shiny green foil!

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