Barbecued Oysters, Bodega Bay

A few years back my best friend and I took a road trip through Northern California’s Wine Country.  After our fill of vineyards and vino we ventured along the Russian River until it emptied into the Pacific and headed back south along scenic Highway 1 to San Francisco.

Sonoma, Wine Glasses
Goat Head Rock

It was an outstanding trip filled with beautiful countryside, great wines, spontaneity, ocean waves and barbecued oysters.  Yes, barbecued oysters.  Once we were north of Sonoma headed along the Russian River we began to notice advertising for this regional delicacy.

Making a brief pit stop in a Bodega, population 220 we happened upon another sign. Speaking to the surfer guy behind the wooden counter of the shop, he highly recommended the aforementioned, barbecued bivalves.  Surfer guy like, totally wanted us to check out the “Boat House” in Bodega Bay on our way south.

The Boat House in Bodega Bay
Barbecued Oysters at The Boat House

So we did! The town of Bodega Bay sets on the harsh waves and rocky shore of the Pacific along Highway 1.  The Boat House was easy to spot and we were warmly welcomed. Wooden tables, servers taking orders long hand,  a plastic menu board with movable lettering from the ’80’s, and open faced grills set the ambience for this no frills hole-in-the-wall.  The Boat House appeared popular amongst the locals, campers and road trippers such as ourselves. We ordered up the fresh barbecued oysters and oh my goodness were they ever good! Grilled to perfection these globes of goodness emit a hint of saline brininess, and zing with a buttery barbecue sauce.

Nothing fancy here, oysters are grilled shell side down on open flames and served up on paper plates with lemons.  We sat looking out at the Pacific, sipping on a nice Riesling from Sonoma and consumed two plates of oysters. After slurping our fill we made it back to the car cranked up the radio and enjoyed the twisting, turning (sometimes, death defying) venture along Highway 1.  The coast to our right and fields of pasture to our left combined with the fresh scent of redwoods and salty air blowing back our hair.

4 thoughts on “Barbecued Oysters, Bodega Bay

  1. I still, after 2 years of searching, cannot find BBQ oysters that even slightly compare to the one’s we had that day in Bodega Bay. I’ll never forget how adventurous that trip was, and all the others we’ve taken even in our own backyard.

    Missing you dearly from Portland to Grand Rapids!

    Love always,


  2. Shit! Are you kidding me. You two probably drove by my freaking house. I’m searching to find out the hours of a place in my backyard and I find Michelle and Sara in Bodega bay munching on oysters???

    I hope you both are doing ok. Seems like it has been a few years. How about the next time you two are in Marin you let me take you around?



  3. Johnny!

    Wow, you live in a beautiful place!
    We enjoyed a fabulous road trip and DELISH oysters.
    Nice to be in touch and yes, next time I venture to Northern CA I would be happy to be shown around!



  4. Hi Michelle,
    My name is Jane and I’m with Dwellable.
    I was looking for blogs about Bodega Bay to share on our site and I came across your post…If you’re open to it, shoot me an email at jane(at)dwellable(dot)com.
    Hope to hear from you 🙂


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