Love Your Art: A Luxe Sushi Bar in North Toronto

Ever so quietly a new sushi restaurant opened in Uptown on Yonge and it’s touted as the best sushi in Toronto. Shoushin is not your ordinary sushi joint, no California rolls here! The word Shoushin comes from the Chinese phrase 匠心獨運 which means, ‘to show one’s own ingenuity, crafted to perfection’. Shou — 匠 — means craftsman; Shin — 心 — means heart. Together the characters represent ingenuity. Basically it means, to love your art.

Dining at Shoushin means only the best will be served. Master sushi chef, Jackie Lin‘s passion for his craft leads him to serve omakase style which in Japan means, “I’ll leave it to you.” As a diner you are placing complete trust on the chef to serve you what he wants. Returning the compliment, the chef in turn, creates an innovative meal for you. Shoushin offers omakase tasting menus at set prices of $80, $120 and $250. The menu changes regularly based on the season and availability of ingredients. Note: The price differences do not negate quantity but quality. For example, the top tier tasting menu can expect offerings like caviar and other delightful rarities.

Be sure to give yourself ample time when dining at Shoushin, as there is much to admire in the sushi experience crafted by Chef Lin. He creates an intimacy between him as your sushi chef and you the diner, and it’s certaintly something to savour. Don’t be alarmed when you are encouraged to eat each sushi piece within 3-10 seconds of it being placed in front of you – literally – this sushi is so fresh you shouldn’t take a picture of it, simply eat.

Some examples of what to expect:
Engawa (fluke fin muscle) sushi.
Buri (wild yellowtail) smoked in wheat straw garnished with daikon radish & ponzu sauce
Sazae (conch) sushi
Uni & Kawahagi with Liver Sauce

Mirugai Sashimi with snow salt imported from Japan
Saba with kelp & sesame seed sushi
Grilled Wagyu Sirloin
Fugu shirako” – blowfish milt, grilled with salt.

Once inside, a minimal and peaceful atmosphere awaits and the sushi bar itself is worth the experience. Made from Hinoki wood (a Japanese Cypress) typically reserved for palaces and monasteries, Shoushin is one of only two North American establishments to have such a wonder.

The sushi bar seats about 15 people and don’t be rattled if you catch Chef Lin prepping his fish right at the bar, (typically something that would be done after hours), remember, this is a craft which is respected and appreciated, be thankful you get to see the entire process! Another unique experience for diners is the ritual of removing your shoes at the front part of the sushi bar.

As if the sushi experience wasn’t enough, Shoushin is curating it’s very own art gallery with collections that will be on permanent display in the restaurant. Currently you will find nature photography by Chef Jackie Lin himself and two works by Pablo Picasso,“Nature morte à la cuillère ” and “Poisson chiné.” Don’t miss the highly desired limited editon 100-year old Louis XIII Rare Cask 42,6 – currently the only restaurant in Canada serving this delicacy.

You see, Shoushin is a one-of-a-kind experience. It’s truly a place to love your art, whether it’s something to see or something to eat.

Open: Tue-Sat | 5:00pm-10:00pm | 3328 Yonge Street | Reservation: 416.488.9400


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