Shiny Blue Running Tights

As I dressed for my morning run an old memory hit me like a sudden jolt from a sound sleep. As I slid my right leg into my running tights, my brain flashed back 20 years prior to my very first pair. 

It was the mid-90’s when everyone went running in baggy, oversized cotton T-shirts, Hanes sweatpants and regular socks, a far cry from the high-tech gear of today — Thinsulate, DriFit and CoolMax were not yet in my vocabulary.

I was an awkward 7th grader with curly hair that I didn’t know how to tame, bushy eyebrows and braces. I joined the Carson City-Crystal Eagles middle school cross country team, my first competitive team sport. A few of my teammates came from families with running in their background and I noticed that they would show up to practice in these shiny blue tights, a bit offbeat from my baggy, cotton sweatpants. They were so shiny and tight and blue, and I wanted them, bad.

I discovered that these shiny blue, nylon beacons of speed were made by InSport and that there was even a store that sold clothing specifically made runners. As if $90 running shoes weren’t enough, I told my Mom that I absolutely needed a pair, to be a runner of course… I’m sure she was thrilled when I discovered racing spikes as well! Nevertheless, we went to the store which sold clothing specifically for runners and my Mom bought me a pair of shiny blue InSport tights and with that purchase I had staked my claim to being a complete and real runner. 


The memory flitted away as I finished dressing for my run; jacket, hat, neck warmer, gloves, shoes and headed out the door and down the road, smiling at the thought of shiny blue running tights. 

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