Lucky Charms: 12 Stylish Brazilian Wish Ribbon Trends

From the calming waves of bossa nova to the thumping beat of Olodum –Salvador, Bahia is filled with artistic culture, vibrant beaches, cobblestoned alleys and colorful buildings of Pelourinho, bold design, beautiful and friendly people, acarajé, cozido and a history that pulses through the veins of this rich and incredible place.

… and if you are the least bit superstitious, Salvador may satisfy you with their colorful, Senhor do Bonfim ribbon bracelets that are worn for good luck. Fitinhas, as they are known in Portuguese were introduced in Salvador in the 18th century and are traditionally given out by Baianas, women who follow the African Candomblé religion.

Traditionally, when presented with a ribbon, or fitinha, the wearer is granted three wishes. When the bracelet falls off, the wishes will come true. Now, these ribbons are worn by people all over the world for good fortune and faith. From fashion and design to decor, people are able to get a brush with luck with wish ribbon keychains and bracelets to dresses and wallpaper. Here are 12 Brazilian wish ribbon trends to satisfy any superstition – from Brazil and beyond.

1. Lucky Brazilian Purse Clip ($45): This hand-crafted good luck charm can be used as purse clip or a keychain. The lobster tail clasp is set on silver and features a variety of Brazilian charms and crystals set against colorful, fluttering wish ribbons.

Hipanema Octopussy ($64): Hipanema is widely known for using Brazilian wish ribbons in their handmade cuff bracelets. In fact, these magnetic cuff bracelets were designed by two Parisian girls who visited Brazil, came back with colorful, Senhor do Bonfim fitas and wanted a way to keep the ribbons from breaking. They came up with these uniquely designed cuffs that feature pearls, seashells, crystals and multicolored thread.

3. Bonfim Bangles ($10): Wear your luck with this set of 5 bracelets, lined with fitinhas and adorned with pepper, coarse salt, clover, fig and evil eye amulets for protection and good fortune.

4. Lucky Friendship Cuff ($115): This one-of-a-kind friendship cuff is truly something special! Each cuff is made to order and features, one lucky Senhor do Bonfim fitinha surrounded by glittering Swarovski crystals and a special brooch.

5. Bonfim Rasteiras ($25): Designed by Nea Santtana these sandals are made with yellow, green, pink, blue or red wish ribbons. Each fitinha is sewn on by hand for an embroidered style and maximized comfort.

6. Handmade Dresses (starting at $185): You may have to head to Brasil if you want to don one of these lucky dresses. Designed and custom made by Nea Santtana herself, each dress uses more than 200 wish ribbons! That’s a lot of luck!

7. Lucky Lingerie ($5): Keeping in line with superstitious tendencies, Sloggi launched its, Feelgood New Year line for Rèveillon (New Year), available in four color options that express the wishes for next year: White symbolizes peace; Red, a lot of passion; Yellow, fortune and money in your pocket; Pink, love all year. Each lucky panty is packaged in a beautiful box with a phrase on the chosen color and of course, a wish ribbon.

8. Bonfim Sarong ($35): Also known as a canga, this versatile beach accessory functions on and off the beach as a cover-up, towel or even a scarf.

9. Baianinha ($2): A lucky table decoration, the traditional givers of fitinhas, the Baianas.

10. Artisan Table Lamp ($50): Not only will you shine a little light in the room but you’ll liven things up with a burst of color thanks to this vibrant table lamp.

 Bahia Chair (Custom): Emma Phelps and Mauricio Varlotta from London-based design studio, 20age have reupholstered this vintage Parker Knoll chair in yellow velvet cord, yellow and green checked cotton and 5,000 lucky wish ribbons.

12. Bonfim Fita Wallpaper (Custom): Anyone who loves candy-gloss colors and living a vibrant life will have a major house crush on Portuguese designer, Maria Barros’s interior designs. Here, she has created a custom, Senhor do Bonfim ribbon wall decal in a child’s room – love it!

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