Salad Niçoise

Provence, France brings us this wonderful salad, packed with an entire rainbow of veggies and protein! It nourishes not only the body, but also the soul. There is much debate on what makes an authentic Niçoise and very little consensus about what’s supposed to be in it. Keep Reading!


Forget the PSL, Celebrate National Coffee Day With These 7 Recipes

I don’t know about you, but for me everyday is coffee day, however, today just so happens to be National Coffee Day so, why not celebrate?! I really don’t know which motivates me to avoid my snooze button for the fifth time… Coffee or Shakeology? Instead of making complicated decisions so early in the morning I say, why not combine the two! Keep Reading!

15 Foods To Eat Your Way To Healthier Skin and a Longer Life

Miracle cures and that elusive fountain of youth… Keep Reading!

Boost Your Productivity With 12 Google Homepage Alternatives

There’s no place like home… unless your Internet homepage loads directly to Google. When it comes to your default homepage, there’s a lot more out there than your standard ol’ search engine. I’m unloading some awesome alternatives that go beyond Google and aim to simplify, motivate and jump start your day each time you go online. You won’t have to click your mouse three times — all it takes is a few tweaks in your browser settings. Keep Reading!