The 30 Second Facial Is Here!

Korea has done it again with yet another ingenious beauty invention. This time they are re-revolutionizing the face mask. Face masks are great in theory and sometimes, it’s absolutely necessary to take a time-out and pamper ourselves with a lengthy at-home spa treatment, but it’s also nice to have the option of a shortcut with equal results. The latter is exactly what the makers of Blithe have brought us.

FacialBlithe has pared-down a 30 minute skincare ritual into a mere 30 seconds with their brand new splash masks: Patting Splash Mask by Blithe (Glow Recipe, $48) and it comes in three formulas: Rejuvenating Purple Berry, Energy Yellow Citrus & Honey and Soothing & Healing Green Tea.
Splash MasksEach splash mask contains a concentrated blend of lactic acid, nourishing botanical extracts and glycerin. The lactic acid, helps to create clearer skin and reduces the signs of aging, the botanical extracts are packed with antioxidants that work to brighten and even out complexion and glycerin is what soothes the skin and creates a protective barrier. Each splash mask addresses something unique targeting your skin with an at-home facial that will fit any schedule.
Rejuvanating Purple Berry

Skin firming: Rejuvenating Purple Berry (photo via Korean Queens)Energy Yellow Citrus HoneyBrightening: Energy Yellow Citrus & Honey(photo via Korean Queens)Soothing and Healing Green TeaCalming and Irritation: Soothing & Healing Green Tea(photo via Korean Queens)

The concept of the splash mask is inspired by the ancient ritual of Asian women splashing rice water onto their faces to cleanse, brighten and firm skin. The new patting splash masks by Blithe are simply a modern makeover and and are used much in the same way.
Splash FaceTo use, simply add to water, splash onto your face for about 15 seconds and then pat in for instantly softer, smoother skin and a glowing, supple appearance. Super easy, right? Plus, each patting splash mask contains enough product to last at least 25 applications rendering it less expensive when compared to some of the most popular sheet masks on the market.

If you’re looking for smooth, supple and glowing skin with protection against fine lines and aging then add these quickie-facials to your daily routine – pronto!


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