The Secret To Motivation: Find Your Why

Can you believe it’s October already! I love starting a new month out. It means new goals! Starting a new week, a new month or a new year imparts the feeling of fresh start. It’s a chance to reset, recharge and re-do. What I’m talking about are two words that get thrown around a lot when it comes to going after your goals: Inspiration and motivation. Inspiration is easy, it’s something we get from others or things around us (like the start of a new month), motivation on the other hand is all up to you!
October GoalsYou see, inspiration is literally everywhere! We find it walking down the street, surfing Instagram, from a quote, a book, a place or in magazines… seriously, everywhere! Tell me, how many times have you perused Pinterest and come across a recipe that makes you want to head to the grocery store, list in hand, ready to cook it? Maybe it was photograph of a sandy beach that oozed a sense of relaxation that made you want to go? This is inspiration. Inspiration is easy.
InspirationMotivation on the other hand comes from you and isn’t as simple as inspiration. Inspiration makes you WANT to do something, whereas motivation is what you need to actually GET what you want done. Let’s say your goal is to lose 5lbs this month, so you are focused on meal prepping, exercise and getting a good night’s sleep. This is where motivation comes into play. Your desire to just skip these things can definitely outweigh getting that workout done or hitting the drive-thru because you didn’t meal prep, but this is where inspiration can help!
To BeYou want to know the secret to sparking your drive when you’re lacking motivation? You have to find your why. I get it, you’re tired, you didn’t get a lot of sleep and you don’t want to wake up to the 6am alarm you set to get that workout in. Don’t hit snooze! Instead, stop and think about why you were inspired to do it in the first place. Is it because that run will clear your head and energize you for the day? Because it will get you one step closer to your goal weight? Because it just feels so darn good to move? When it comes to motivation the only person who can truly motivate you, is you. When you doubt yourself, and you will, remember to let your ‘why’ drive you! 
Best Version of YOUNow that you are armed with inspiration and motivation, I want to encourage you to seriously be the best version of yourself and to live your dreams. Pick 3 things you want to add or improve on in your life. Go ahead, choose anything that inspires you, whether it be to lose weight, start a business, cook at home more, run a race or travel. Write those 3 things down, look at them, believe in them and then be brave by sending those big hairy goals out into the universe! That’s right, share those goals with the people in your life… This is accountability!

When you share your goals you take them more seriously – accountability bolsters motivation! Do yourself a favour and share whatever it is you’re after. You are inspired, you know how to harness your motivation and you’ve got accountability to back you up and boost your motivation. There isn’t anything there to stop you from getting whatever it is that you want, you just have to start! 


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