It’s Not a Diet, It’s a Lifestyle Change + My New Fave Cookbook, Fixate!

I don’t believe in dieting, but I do believe in a healthy diet. So, what’s the difference you ask!? Dieting is a temporary thing, it’s something you will eventually go off. Diet is something you are able to sustain every day of your life.
How do you know what type of diet is for you? Truth is, there is SO MUCH information out there, the rules the promises the secrets to success it’s enough to make your head spin! You know what? I hate to break it to you but there really is no one-size-fits-all key to success. You have to focus on YOU and adopt a way of eating for your life. From paleo to gluten-free, clean-eating, low-carb, no-carb, sugar-free and countless others, forget about it! Don’t be preoccupied with rules because then you tend to not trust yourself. Going on a diet makes eating stressful and it trains you to believe that you can’t do it on your own. You need to learn a way to eat that doesn’t control you.
If you can’t go more than a couple of weeks on the regimen you select then don’t do it, because you’re just going to end up making yourself feel bad! Eating cabbage soup every day until the day you die is not realistic, it’s temporary, it’s depressing and it’s something you will eventually go off. Get this, 98% of people who go off a diet gain the weight back again which proves: Diet can not be approached short-term, it has to be for life! So, unless you are able to sustain your diet every day for the rest of your life, then you are setting yourself up for failure. Promise to never go on a diet that you won’t be able to do for the rest of your life, mmmkay!
Learning what your body needs and how much it needs is going to take consistency, dedication, hard work and some trial and error. You won’t get results over night… HELLO! You are making a lifestyle change here, but I promise, by making small changes each day you will slowly gain momentum toward your end goals.


It’s true when they say abs are made in the kitchen!  Most of your body transformation will occur from what you eat. Physical activity is a strong part of that, but you’ll see the GREATEST change in your body when you change what you’re putting in your mouth. This doesn’t mean that exercise isn’t important, in fact, it will do nothing but make your life better. I’ll let you in on another secret: Exercise is not just for the physical benefits but more importantly, the mental benefits and what it does to your mind-set. Once you get to that point in exercise, where you do it for yourself, not your weight you will find clarity, make healthier choices, feel happier and your results will be the proof.

Three Cheers

So, how does one start developing their lifestyle of healthy eating? You can follow someone else but only if it sounds interesting, you look forward to it or you could live like that, then give it a try! I needed a total reset with my eating and exercise regime. I knew what foods were healthy and that I tended to overeat certain foods that didn’t make me feel great, what I needed was a reboot. I chose to use the 21 Day Fix Extreme to reset myself because it actually taught me how to HABITUALLY make healthy meals and fit workouts into my busy lifestyle. I was excited about it, I didn’t feel deprived, there were no weird rules, no counting of calories or eating the same darn thing everyday! Most importantly I learned the right portion sizes for me, I had totally been overeating before!

Slowly over a 3 week period I was consistently working out every day, eating a healthy and balanced diet that didn’t leave me hungry, deprived or depressed and I was looking and feeling AWESOME! Science doesn’t lie, they say it takes 3 weeks to develop a habit!

What I wish I had when I started my lifestyle journey was Autumn Calabrese’s (the creator of 21 Day Fix) new cookbook, Fixate! I have to share just how amazing this cookbook is! It’s filled with recipes catered and geared towards your healthy eating goals! Imagine someone laying it all out for you… no counting, no color-coding just delicious, easy to prepare recipes for everyone! Whether your vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free or like me and eat a little of everything there are healthy recipes and ideas for every meal of the day!
#ACCover to cover you’ll find 101 recipes that are easy to follow, not gourmet-hours-in-the-kitchen instructions. All the container equivalents are listed (for those who follow the 21 Day Fix) and the nutritional elements listed as well. You’ll also get Autumn’s tips, even for organizing your pantry and grocery shopping.

Inside Fixate you’ll find a section for every possible meal you can imagine: simple breakfasts, on-the-go lunches, sit down dinners, soups, salads, as well as healthy snacks like kale chips and protein bars.

Autumn insisted that all the “on-the-go” lunch recipes be easy and fast for working moms. “I based all of the on-the-go lunches off leftovers from dinner and even breakfast and turned them into delicious, easy-to-make lunch recipes. I also included a few of my favorite Shakeology recipes—even some Fix-approved skinny cocktails.”

And then there’s the desserts. I have a big sweet tooth and especially love the brownies (made with chick peas), peanut butter cookies and cake recipes, and the desserts are all gluten-free so absolutely everyone can enjoy them.

“This book is for everybody,” says Autumn. “You don’t have to be graduates of 21 Day Fix or 21 Day Fix Extreme. You also don’t have to be a chef or great in the kitchen. It’s for anyone who wants to make healthier versions of the foods they love.”

“Everyone will use the book differently. For some, it will become their “go-to” cookbook they use every single day. Others may use it when they’re going to a special event like a barbecue or party.”

And in addition to all the amazing recipes, Autumn has also included a detailed checklist for her absolute must-have kitchen and pantry staples, as well as the basic utensils and tools that every cook needs.
Autumn reached into her family history for inspiration. “My family was in the restaurant business, so I basically grew up in the kitchen,” she explains. “I was able to take my family’s recipes and make them healthier.”

“We took our time, tested the recipes and I love every single one of them,” she says with pride. “It’s not fancy cooking; there’s a variety of everyday go-to recipes and special recipes for special occasions.”

How many recipes are in the book, you ask? Try 101. Some were creations of a chef very close to Autumn’s heart: her brother. “That makes it even more sentimental for me,” she says.

Each of the recipes comes complete with detailed instructions, mouthwatering photos, nutritional information and container equivalents. What’s more, Autumn has added icons to each recipe that will let readers know if they are paleo, gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian.

I hope that by sharing what has worked for me will inspired you to begin your journey of healthy eating and being the best possible you! Good luck and feel free to comment with successes, failures, tips and motivation!!!

FIXATE_AVAILABLEOh yeah, if you want a copy of Fixate, it’s AVAILABLE NOW!
Here is how to order this book!!!
Select –> Shop –> Fitness Program –> The 21 Day Fix –> FIXATE!

If you are interested in my support as your Beachbody Coach and would like to join me in a dialed in 21 Day focused challenge group email!


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