Jot It Down on Paper: Facebook’s Newest App

Are you head-over-heels excited to get your hands on the new iPhone app available February 3rd? It’s like Facebook meets Pinterest meets Instagram meets Twitter meets Feedly. Facebook imagined the unthinkable and created a new publishing tool to share stories.


Go ahead and say hello to Paper. Jot down your story, read the stories of others from around the world, share it to Facebook, and get your news fix too. Yep, Facebook outdid themselves. You may never open the Facebook app again after trying your hand at Paper.

Paper was designed with you in mind. The iPhone app is meant for users to spend some time appreciating the content they’re engaged with. Right off the bat you’ll notice the stark contrast to the multitude of tabs of Facebook’s news feed. Paper delivers a captivating set of fluid, horizontally scrolling screens.

Each section consists of a main screen with a cover story suspended over a list of smaller stories at the bottom. We should mention stories are shared with elegant, visual appeal. You may scroll down through each of the stories or pinpoint the one that interests you, select, and fully immerse yourself.


Bid adieu to tabs and buttons. Paper is designed to be navigated via gestures: Thumb, tap, twist, and tilt. Don’t worry, if you get stuck, the app will give you a helpful tip on how to navigate.

Browse through sections of organized content for fast and fluid perusing of themes and interests. Every section includes photos, videos, articles, essays, and more for you to find what captures your attention. Make your Paper tailor-made by dragging and dropping the content you like into sections.












With Paper, Facebook created a beautiful space for us to visit, and share stories. A place to get away from the clutter, slow our pace, and spend some time looking into the world around us.

Intrigued to check out this beautiful app on your hand-sized screen? Let us know in the comments below.


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