Heartfelt Notes for Valentine’s Day

Take note of these Valentines:

I’m so dizzy, my head is spinning!  If you’re not love-sick this Valentine’s Day, this card should do the trick, from Dear Hancock

Do it like the French!  Say I love you with this playful card from Yellow Owl Workshop

Cleverness from Rifle Paper Co.!  They also have one’s with the phrases, “You’re the Cat’s Pajamas.” and “You’re the Bee’s Knees.”

A modern, neon statement heart to say— I “heart” you Valentine, from Catbird NYC

This is a personal fave, I just can’t resist!  Who doesn’t love UNICORNS!  Also from Catbird NYC

This is a kit from baily doesn’t bark it includes 4 blank cards w/envelopes, embossed white hearts, customizable black chalkboard hearts and chalk!

Feeling crafty and want something EXCEPTIONAL to give your valentine?  Try creating these heartfelt, DIY Paint Chip Garlands from Brit + Co


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