Trying to eat real food but struggle navigating the aisles of processed edible items in the grocery store?  in.gredients in Austin, Texas is re-revolutionizing the food shopping experience by offering real food, no packaging and no waste.  Operating out of a charming, yellow bungalow–“in.gredients is a microgrocer with a broad scope of products in a small, efficient space.  We’re a “grocery store in scope” and a “convenience store in scale.”

in.gredients-- Austin, TX
in.gredients– Austin, TX

These products include a broad selection of local produce, meat, dairy, household cleaners, spices, grains and even craft beers in bulk containers.  Customers bring their own packaging and select just how much they want of each item, utilizing a tare station to weigh in goods and pay:



This business model of convenience and scale would allow in.gredients to open more micro-grocers in Austin neighborhoods.  A throwback to the neighborhood store, addressing an issue of few options for people to walk or ride a bike to purchase goods and food.

269470_421667944558945_1405990875_n560363_421983504527389_158048743_n385136_418172051575201_2036188784_nAmerica, known to be progressive and efficient has creative’s redesigning traditions and practices from a simpler time.  The idea behind in.gredients, offering local foods, being a neighborhood store where customers can use their own two feet to travel to, and no waste by having customer’s utilize their own packaging and take what they’ll use is nothing new, but it solves an issue that American’s are currently craving and that is what makes it innovative.


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