We eat what we are or perhaps what we want to be.

In discussion with friends the topic of guilt and food choice has arisen on occasion. Notably, the mutual experience of remorse that transcends us as grocery shopping onlookers, judge, based on the items in your shopping basket.
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Pimp my Ramen!

Already hungry with nothing prepared for dinner, and unmotivated to make a trip to the grocery store because it’s close to Thanksgiving and they are filled with frantic shoppers wheeling carts around in a hectic fashion.  I turned to my cupboards, freezer and fridge, which had the possibility of leading to goodness or grossness.

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Chocolate Tofu Pudding

Trying new things. Being different. It’s not for everyone but for those who dabble in the unexpected, magical things can happen.  Tonight, in my kitchen, I did something out of the ordinary and discovered the wondrousness of a simple, chocolate pudding. Afresh to the exploration with tofu, I chanced upon a recipe that piqued my curiosity.
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Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth?!

As a creative, envisioning a brilliant idea and then discovering that someone has already found a solution ensues a self-thought bubble of, why didn’t I DO that?! Jealousy aside, for those critical-solvers innovating their ideas into action, the following is an AWESOME social experiment turned tangible.
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I’ve read about it, thought about it and finally visited it. A new chef-driven eat-in or carry out restaurant becomes refreshment to the suburbian panorama of Ada, MI. Using the words quaint, charming, foodista, local, and superfreakingdelish, Saburba is a sense of commonplace in what was once familiar.
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Yes, I dredged and fried my tofu

A new sushi place opened near my house, Maru, extending a modernized, chicness to the neighborhood.  A friend suggested that I revel in a “pillow of goodness,” aka tofu from the vegetarian hibachi grill and well, it was clearly, quite good!  The first bite presented a crisp, golden texture on the outside, followed by a fluffy center that melted in my mouth.  The tofu was drizzled in a sweet sauce, brandished with sesame seeds.  It was a dish that had me asking, how?  What made the tofu so perfect!  Crisp and springy?!!!
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Crisp Leaves, Blustery Winds and Apple Cider Pancakes!

What cries out fall more than a chilled, windy day, stirring up colorful leaves in your path? Well, coming home to a piping, hot stack of Apple Cider Pancakes of course!
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