….not to be confused with a recreational boat or ship.

Last week I was enticed into attending a hipsterfied gathering of fans to listen to a Portlandia band, Y∆CHT and as Y∆CHT states aka;
“YACHT, Y∆CHT, Y△CHT, Y▲CHT, & Y.A.C.H.T. Capitalization of YACHT is crucial. The name is an acronym which stands for “Young Americans Challenging High Technology;” without proper capitalization this important layer of meaning is entirely lost. It also looks silly — just as “FBI” and “CIA” are senseless without proper capitalization (Fbi, Cia), so Yacht is unacceptable. The optional delta character (∆) represents change, which we believe is relevant since change is the only true constant in YACHT’s artistic output also YACHT.”
In my third decade of life I deemed myself thoroughly un-hip to attend said show but as an eternal optimist I went and loved.

Good people, great music and of course dancing were all had at the GD Rapids, Pyramid Scheme.  I would like to make mention that in order to up my hipsterness I did fashion myself a black-outlined, glitterized triangle tattoo on my forearm….BADA$$, Michelle {horrified? no judgment.}

My friend who suggested I attend, is sensational and designer-ed so I set aside my conviction of attending a bands’ performance of whom I was not already a fan of and now I have new music to enjoy and perform solo, kitchen, dance parties to!

Y∆CHT is a two-some: a chic tomboy {Claire L. Evans} and a guy {Jona Bechtolt} with the best coiffed hair of evah with a bizarro resemblance to Napoleon Dynamite.  Pitchfork describes Y∆CHT as “nervy, spastic electro-funk”

We {as in the fans} were greeted to the stage by triangular smiling emoticons, planted on white columns = makes you want to smile back.  Y∆CHT performed an electrifying set complete with fun hand-motions, general microphone sassiness and even a question and answer session.  Definitely a live show filled with energy, funk and serious GOODNESS!

Two faves of the evening:

Psychic City

Catch up with Y∆CHT on their blog dig into their experimentation, ideas, thoughts and utopian no placeness!

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